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10 Easy Ways to Grow Your E-mail List

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If you are engaged in e-mail marketing, and you wish to grow your marketing database, this article is right for you! If you are starting out on e-mail marketing, or running out of ideas to expand your e-mail list, this article is perfect for you! Contained in this article are ten easy and effective ways to grow your e-mail list and reach out a larger number of people.
Being in the e-mail marketing industry, it is crucial to always keep your e-mail list growing. So that you have a higher potential for your business and you keep the sales of your company growing. Engaging in a larger number of audiences is much better than engaging with a smaller one. You have higher chances of buyers and customers for your business.

Easy Ways to Grow Your E-mail List-EFR_International

Here are ten easy and effective ways to grow your E-mail list:

Keep your content interesting and updated

Of course, readers or subscribers of your e-mail would like to read some interesting and awesome content. Always keep your e-mail active as well. Letting your e-mail die, and go inactive will cause it to be forgotten by people, buried under the heavy pile of e-mail they have subscribed on. An everyday frequency of content update will be enough. Make sure to post new updates and do not let your e-mail be buried along with other e-mails your readers subscribe to.
An interesting and remarkable content can easily drag the attention of your readers and they would want to read more of that interesting content. Hire professional writers to create your passage appealing to the senses and compelling just with the opening line of your content. It might cost you some money, but if increases the chance of earning more, then it is worth it.


Tricks and Tips for amazing content

The trick here is to catch your subscribers’ attention just with the first line of your paragraph. Don’t wait until they reach the body – because they almost never get there. Most of the time, a boring opening sentence will give an impression that the whole passage is boring and unappealing. Therefore, make sure that the lead or title easily grabs attention to keep your readers wanting more and to keep them away from unsubscribing. You don’t want your e-mail list to shrink, but you want the opposite of that – you want it to grow.
Another trick is to keep your content up to date. Go with the trends to your target audience. If your target audience is the Millenials or the Y Generation, you can use millennial slang terms to keep up with your readers. If your target readers are older generations, avoid using words such as “slay” or “savage” as they might not understand those words. Know your target audience so your e-mails can easily complement them.
If people are impressed and mesmerized by your content, they are likely to share it with friends or family –giving your e-mail more exposure and expanding the chance of getting more readers to read your content.


Provide exposure and publicity to your business

Encourage light to come to your business. Let people know that you have a company, an e-mail they can subscribe to. Let them know that you have a company and you have great and entertaining content. That’s the main reason you are growing out your e-mail list – to cater to a larger number of people. The larger the audience there will be higher chances of buyers and customers engaging in your business.
Providing exposure and publicity to your e-mail list will reach a number of people who would be informed and aware of your company. Some of them might click on it, some of them might not. But you can actually prevent them from not clicking it. But nevertheless, you still managed to reach out to other people.
Listed below are ways you can use to provide exposure and publicity for your e-mail marketing.
Social media
Social media has a great influence on a large number of people – with different interests and from different age groups. Social media provides a solid platform to engage with new people. Using Facebook pages to gain more people on your e-mail list is fairly smart. It’s not just Facebook that could provide a solid base for the audience but also Twitter and Snapchat. Use a method in which it connects social media with your e-mail. Your goal, after all, is to grow your e-mail list.
• Adding a “Call to Action” button to your Facebook page is also helpful. This button requires your e-mail address to access, so this can create a great impact.
Pinterest also has this feature that enables pins by e-mail sign up. You can also take it up a notch and take your company to Youtube and start uploading videos. Link your e-mail subscriptions to your Youtube videos through the description box or notes throughout your videos.
Infographics are an innovative way to catch the audiences’ attention. People are lazy and some prefer to not read heavy paragraphs. Seeing bulk text of heavy paragraphs is extremely tiring already to the eyes. And having infographics, presenting ideas and concepts in creative ways are a great backup plan. Not to mention, attractive colors easily catch attention to the content.


Hold contests and giveaways for more exposure

This topic should fall under providing more exposure and publicity. But it gets a special point because the effect it has greatly impacted your business. Hold giveaways in which people should subscribe to your e-mail to be able to win. An example is presented below:

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Must be subscribed to our e-mail
2. Must like our Facebook page
3. Must follow us on our Twitter
4. Must share to friends this giveaway

From a simple giveaway like this, people are already (unintentionally) providing publicity for your business. This way, you don’t need to hire many people to promote your company. Yes, it may cost money for the prizes but with many people entering and submitting entries, all of the hard work will pay off.
Aside from giveaways, you may also hold online contests that are somehow connected to your company or business. It may require the contenders to do work, but people love showing off the talent they have. It may be for drawing or even singing or any unusual talent they have. You may also take advantage of social media features such as likes and follows as criteria for judging. You actually have a group of people unknowingly promoting your business for you, for free.


Partner with other companies

Pick a company. Preferably a company that already has a solid base of e-mail collections. But I doubt that there’d be that many companies willing to team up with you if your company is just starting. Team up with a company and begin promoting each other. Co-market each other. This may take twice as the amount of work but it can actually create much difference as the other parties promote your email and at the same time, you begin to promote yourself.
Partnering with other companies offers unlimited possibilities. You can begin promoting each other’s e-mails via the giveaways you hold or on your other social media. Your e-mail can be linked to their YouTube videos or social media accounts. And likewise, you’ll include their e-mail and important links on your own social media accounts as well. But keep in mind that you must still promote your own business better than you promote others’. This way, you’re actually sure that you are benefitting from such partnerships.
Partnerships can sometimes be ugly and distasteful when both parties begin to not understand each other. To avoid this, make sure you approach the other party in a very civil and professional way.


Hold offline events

Another method is to hold offline events, such as meet and greets, autograph signings, press conferences or conventions – whichever is suitable for your business. You may use the power of sought-after artists or idols on your events. Hold these events such that the attendees enter their e-mails for registration. You can then import these e-mails to your database for a wider range of audience.
A simple registration form, asking for the name, the birthdates, and other important things, don’t forget the asking for the e-mail can be extremely helpful in gathering fresh e-mails for your database. Don’t forget to keep these new e-mails updated by sending them a welcome message and sending the succeeding contents which are also interesting.


Opt-ins and their power

Research had already stated that the number of your subscribers will shot up after adding a pop-up opt-in form on your website. And to create a powerful opt-in incentive that is not only a one-page report but instead, a full eBook one can do wonders to your subscriber growth. Offer opt-in incentives as well for your audiences.
For every action on your website, such as downloading pictures or video, make signing up as a requirement. Of course, when people sign up, e-mails are needed. Promote your sign-up form as well on your social media accounts. Even link it on every infographic that you have and use. Put it on your logo, on your cover photo so that people can easily see it and people can easily access it.

Offer choices for your subscribers

You can offer an option in which your subscribers can choose their preferred content to be received on your e-mails. Different audiences have different interests. The environment and gender of the subscriber affect their interests and preferred content. A woman might like content about fashion and makeup but a man would not. Gardeners might like the gardening content but others might not.
Having a large access to a number of people gives diversity to the audience in which the audience is divided into different groups – classified by their likes and dislikes. A subscriber who is not interested in the content you are sending his/her might unsubscribe. To prevent this tendency from happening, provide your subscriber’s options in what particular content they would like to receive.

Discount in exchange of e-mails

Another brilliant idea is to offer your customers discounts for their next purchase if they sign-up on the website. Some profit might be lost due to the discount but once you get a fresh set of new e-mails, everything will be relatively easy. And considering it, there might be more chances of gaining more money by sending these e-mails messages and content about your business.
Everybody loves discounts. Who doesn’t? Discounts can easily lure people to sign-up to your website without thinking twice about it. Use this opportunity to gather new e-mails that you can send your content to.

Always add “SHARE” buttons on your content

Having the share button on standby underneath your content is very handy. If the content is entertaining and interesting enough, that your readers actually like to share it with others, they can easily share your content with their friends or family or even to their own social media accounts. By network sharing, content is easily transferred from one person’s mobile phone to another and easily reaches a larger audience. This audience might have potential to sign up to your website or to subscribe to your e-mails.
The share button is a very handy button that had many uses. Therefore, do not deprive your content of the share button. But rather, just keep it there just in case your readers would like to share it with others and create interconnection.
These are some ways you can apply to your e-mail marketing strategies to grow your subscriber list. All of these are fairly easy and some might require a little bit of work but this can be easily done and are proven to be effective ways and strategies. Good luck with your business and watch your subscriber list grow!

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  1. Growing my email list is the bane of my existence! I am really struggling with this. I hate the popups, but I may go that route for a little bit, just to see what happens. I also really need to come up with an infographic.

    1. Personally, I don’t use pop-ups but you can always try! WHat you can really do is to improve content upgrades where people can get something from signing up to your email list! Happy blogging!

  2. This was a good article. I am saving it. I ran a competition, but it didn’t get the results I had hoped. How do you figure out what is the right thing to give away?

    1. You should figure out your target audience first. Survey from niche communities on Facebook and other sites so you’ll have ideas on what to giveaway. But e-books are popular in this case. Happy Blogging!

  3. Great tips. One of my goals for the next few months is growing readership and our email database. All these trips will be of great use. I like the contest giveaway and pop-opt in option.

  4. These are all great tips. My favorite would be holding contests and giveaways. Of course, there always has to be something in it for the subscribers. 🙂

  5. All great tips to boosting your email database. I think contests/giveaways are a great way of boosting your following and growing your email database in short period of time. Thanks for sharing.

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