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10 tools you need to know about, for Effective Social Media Marketing.

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Social media the biggest and the fastest marketing platform available today!

One can easily say that social media marketing is an inevitable part of each and every online marketing campaign.

Isn’t it?

How many of your use social media to promote your personal brand or your company?

Did everybody say yes?



tools  for Effective Social Media Marketing


Driving traffic via social media sites as well as grabbing audience attention is what social media marketing all about. One needs to leverage the power of content via social media to grab attention not only of your existing audience but also to grow your audience.

In order to receive expected results, it’s vital that you not only understand social media marketing fundamentals which result in maximizing quality to increasing your online entry points as well as to use available social media marketing tools.

Many may question the need or usage of the marketing tools, but don’t you agree that managing marketing for your business could easily keep a team of marketers busy for around 40 hours a week.

Social media has lots of numbers involved which are growing exponentially. So with the growing numbers driving and generating traffic for your content is not as easy as it seems.

Does it feel exhausting? Or is it easy enough for you?

When it comes to running a business, I strongly believe time and effort are precious resources, and the last thing you want to do is waste them.

So when you can use social media marketing tools to manage and utilize your precious resources why not use them? As today it is all about management.

Whether you have a team of marketers or you manage your marketing yourself one can never have enough of it. Hence in case you are looking for tips or tools which will help you in your social media marketing for yourself or to get results for your Clients check out few mentioned social media marketing tools to ease your work as well as life.


Content Creation tools

Content creation for your Brand building and development is not easy. One has to swim against the current to create content generating waves.

Copying or writing similar pieces or articles as others never catch your audience’s eye.



It is a New your based company was created by journalists and technologists with a vision of better media world. There are actually two types of opportunities through them i.e. writing for their Clients, and writing directly for Contently. Thus this platform not only provides companies with quality publishers but also empowers creative writers. 


This one is a content sharing platform that allows you to import, schedule, and track all of you updates to various accounts, though it may not be a tools which can be set up quickly it takes few hours before everything sets up. But that’s okay as once you are in the tool helps your business capture content from around the web, easily incorporating text, links, videos, images and more. Export this content for use anywhere, such as email newsletters, and eBooks.


Storify gives you the tools to create the best evergreen and live blog stories, uniting traditional storytelling with engaged audiences just like their tagline says ‘Make the web tell a story’ the ability to arrange pieces of conversations to construct a narrative helps the content within to flow swiftly across the audience.

Headline Analyzer

Headlines are the keys when it comes to unlocking the doors to audience engagement, hence one needs their headlines to be the best.

The best critique for your headlines is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

This tool critiques headlines from a variety of different viewpoints, what you need to do is just type in your headline and let the tool do the rest. It’ll look at your keywords, the length of your headline, emotional value, and so on. It’s a quick and easy way to get a sense of whether it’ll work or not.


Many times it happens with me that I have to take notes or jot down a thought in my mind when working on some other work or project at such time or more, I personally use Evernote to keep a running list of ideas, take notes, store inspiring articles, thoughts, stories, research notes or E-books.

This may not seem to be important but when used well helps a lot.


Tools to Beautify your Content

We all agree pictures speak louder than words! Whether it’s a blog post, marketing email, social media posts, or web page, you need images which are good, high-quality images.

We have heard it time and time again that a post with visual content will pick up more engagement than its text-based counterpart.


That’s the reason social media marketing uses visual content to market.



Canva is the most used tool to create beautiful images for your posts. This tool is so easy to use even newbies can master it! Using Canva one can design presentations, social media graphics, and a heap of other things with thousands of beautiful layouts as well as free graphics. It consists of the whole package needed for catchy designs.

Neil Patel says ‘Canva is an amazing tool for “design-challenged” bloggers.’

And once you get familiar with the tool, you can create attractive images matter of minutes.

Infogr.am or Easel.ly

Data and figures in text format will always drive your audience away, have you ever tried it?

Try posting statistics in text format on your Facebook page and track the numbers of engagement, next day same time with the same data post an infographic capturing the same data and compare the numbers.

Data or stats, when visualized, are catchier, and Infogr.am offers data visualization at its finest you can create simple charts to complex infographics. Whereas if you are up for templates and want to enhance them up Easel.ly is also an option which offers drag and drop interface with your data.

Meme Creator 

A meme is an image, video, phrase or some combination of a visual which gets shared virally across the social media networks, they are all about the hidden meaning as well as the internet humor associated with it.

This tool comes in form of an app for your smartphone, Meme Creator is a generator app which gives you a lot it comes with the basic features and meme templates as well as the ability to make your own, but it also comes with more features.  Explore your fun side with your creativity.

Tagxedo & WordClouds

Do you like images containing words? The Word Cloud images are a liked and used by many marketers.

There are many tools available for creating word clouds, but the ones I personally like are Tagxedo & WordClouds

Tagxedo is a is a great free online tool that turns words –famous speeches, news articles, slogans, and themes into a visually stunning word cloud.

Whereas WordClouds is a tool wherein we need to upload the document of your interest and make the custom word cloud image.

Interactive images

What if the images we share on social media, emails or blog posts would have features to interact with your audience?

Like for example have you heard of ‘ThingLink’?

ThingLink is a Finnish-American provider of in-image interaction tools they help you in making your content stand out and be remembered. They expertise in making images, videos, or 360°/VR content interactive with their intuitive editors.

With the use of this tool, you can layer rich media on top of your content like adding text or multimedia overlays to any of your photos or images resulting in interactive images on which when you hover over the icons to select the interaction linked like entering a poll or much more.


Last thoughts while wrapping up would beSocial media moves quickly and your content flow has to keep up.

That’s the reason Bill Gates had said ‘Content is King

In a post by Teagan West she says ‘Content marketing is not a new concept in the world of digital marketing, but right now, it is more important than ever before.

I agree, do you?
Which of the above-mentioned tools do you use?
Also if you do try out the ones not used before share your experiences we would love to know.
Share your views in the comment section below.
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89 thoughts on “10 tools you need to know about, for Effective Social Media Marketing.

  1. Impressive list of tools and resources! I have heard of most of these and use Headline Analyzer, Evernote. I have desktop publishing software installed on my computer so I haven’t had need for Canva, although it looks like a terrific resource. The one I’m definitely going to take a closer look at is ThingLink. Never heard of it, but it sounds fascinating. Thanks for the tips and inspiration Sushmita!

    1. Thank you Marquita, glad to know you liked the list I would like to know about your Desktop running software though since I like trying out new options 😉

  2. My goal for the first quarter of 2017 is to truly get a handle on my social media marketing. Your post provides a good reference. I used Headline Analyzer all the time, although at times it is confusing! I write in Scrivener because I can section my blogs by type (travel, musings, humor, etc) and jot notes under each heading as things occur to me. That way I always have fodder for blogs at hand.

  3. Thanks for sharing Sushmita.

    I need to get to grips with marketing in social media. I have a process I follow to promote my blog but need to understand when and why in order to excel as much as I can. I have to admit some of these tools are new to me. I am sure using them will be like second nature once I familiar myself with the process.

    1. Angie, thank you for sharing your views appreciate it!
      Glad you liked the list hopefully you love and get used to the tools mentioned

  4. Thanks for sharing. I find Social Media time costuming but I agreed that it’s important for business. Hopefully I can get to grips with it this year. Headline Analyser and Canvas are great tools which I’ve been using for a few years.

  5. These are a lot of great tools, some of which I hadn’t heard of before. The ones on your list that i use the most are evernote and canva. Evernote is such a simplistic concept, but it has really helped me so much. I will check out some of the ones I’ve never used before. I’m sure they will be very helpful.

  6. Hi Sushmita. I am guilty of not using any content creation tools. I suspect I should look into some, but it is not content creation or functioning in social media that are problems for me. It is fading enough time in the week to create engaging new posts in a timely fashion.

  7. Everyone knows that at one time I was electronically illiterate. I did not know the difference between an Etch A Sketch and a laptop. Post like this gives me so much information that I can use. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice content ! Thank you for sharing these tips with us . I’m new in this field ,I just started a blog almost a year ago ,and I’m always looking for the best way to promote my blog throught social media ,it’s not easy but I’ll make sur I use your tips !

  9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s a great post. I sometimes use Meme Creators, but just for fun, I didn’t think about it as a marketing tool!

  10. I always wanted a post on tools, this is it. There are so many new tools for me to try. I am going to try all of them and will be sharing my experience with all. Thank you so much for sharing these useful tools 🙂

    1. It’s good to know I have provided what you were looking for, will love to know your experience and which you will be using further 🙂

    1. Thank you for visiting as well as sharing your views, appreciate it! Good to know it was useful for you dear 🙂

    1. It’s good to know you have found what you were looking for. Thank you for visiting as well as sharing your views, appreciate it! Keep visiting 🙂

  11. I’m embarrassed to say all I use is Canva! I’m too hands on right now. I need to do more to help organize my content especially while prepping for a baby soon!

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