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5 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Stay Motivated

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1. You MUST be self-motivated, no one is going to make you do anything.

A lot of people think that being an entrepreneur is an easy task. People assume you just wake up and you are successful and working just comes easy and that is not the case at all. When you do not work a typical 9 to 5 job with no boss to tell you what to do you have to make sure you are MAKING yourself accomplish your tasks. One of the worst things about working for yourself is how easy it is to stay in pajamas all day and never get any work done because you always say “tomorrow,” but tomorrow never comes. Being a self-motivated person is a MUST in the entrepreneurial world. No one can make you do your work. One of the best ways I have found to make myself accomplish the tasks I have listed is a reward style system. If I mark off 3 of my tasks I let myself have a small break for something like social media time or watching an episode of a tv show. Make lists, accomplish those tasks, then reward yourself. You can do it!


2. Do not give up when you do not see instant results.


Whatever you are doing is going to take time. I have realized it is so easy to get discouraged and feel left behind when you see people having so much success without trying. The truth of the matter is that most of the people you see that have tons and tons of success have worked endlessly and tirelessly to get to where they are. Results take time and they take effort. You are not going to wake up one day and say to yourself, “today is the day I make all the money in the world without trying. I am going to have everyone work for me and I am going to relax all day.” If you have that mentality, I hate to break it to you that you can not do that. Entreprenurialship is HARD but it will be so incredibly worth it as long as you do not give up.

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Stay Motivated



3. Connect and Interact.


Connect with other people that are doing what you are doing. Learn from other people. In today’s society, there are so many opportunities to learn from other people. Join Facebook groups, get in on group discussions on Twitter, comment on others Instagram photos, just get involved. I know it can be scary to interact with other people and when people do not reply it is easy to get discouraged but if you continue on then you will find other people who will motivate you. How amazing is it to know that there are people on the Internet who can help you stay motivated, give you feedback, and help you grow your brand or business? Do not shy away from all the technological advancements we are able to use today. One day, as long as you keep trying, you will build a group of very reliable and very talented individuals you will get to learn from and you will also get to teach. I can not suggest connecting and interacting more. This is one of the greatest ways to grow, as a person and a brand.


4. Be passionate about what you do.


Do not just start something to start it without any passion behind it. I know in today’s world when you see everyone start jobs and business online and branding their own name for income it can be easy to become enamored with the idea of it all. People do not wake up and say hey I am going to start a business today just for laughs. You MUST be passionate about what you do. Not just entrepreneurial adventures but in life. With enough passion behind your ventures, you WILL be successful in what you do. Dedication and passion are the driving forces behind staying motivated. When you love what you are doing and do what you are loving then it does not feel like a job. Having a passion for your work will show. People will be able to see you care about the projects you take on and when people see your work ethic they are much more likely to work with you or continue to view your work.


5. Know that success is not always in material items but in the work you are proud of.


Of course, it is nice when you can buy things with the money you have earned from your business. Whether it be selling items on an online shop you have worked to build, blogging about things that you are incredibly passionate about and building an audience, or selling online workshops to help others, remember that material items are simply just that; material. When you PROUD of what you are doing you will realize how much more rewarding that is. Being motivated to produce things you are proud of is KEY in any venture you choose to take on. Not everyone will understand your journey and not everyone will understand why you are proud of the work you put out, but when you are proud of what you do that is when you will realize material items can never give you the same joy as the work you are proud of. The content you can be proud of is true success.

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  1. I love the tip about connecting and interacting! It truly is a small world and you never know when those connections and friendships may come in handy!

  2. I work from home so I really agree that connecting and interacting is so important! It’s easy to be isolated working at home so I try and make a point to connect with other people in my field.

  3. Not only was this an amazing read it was also within perfect timing. I feel passion and purpose go together. I will be looking forward to your future posts.

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