About Me

About Me!

Hey, Amigo!
How are you?

This is Sushmita Thakare Jain, the Founder of EFR International.

Let me share something with you, I started my first business when I completed my Engineering, back then actually did not have money to start my own so I started helping the ones I knew who had funds to build their own.
I didn’t get rich from the business but I immediately knew I was going to be an entrepreneur when I start making money, hence I gave it a name EFR International.
Today with the growing tech support I want not only to help locals but also those located far away from me to Build, Grow & Flourish their Business.

You can consider me as your Business companion, buddy, or confidante.

I apply a comprehensive and integrated approach to Business management & marketing by taking the time to listen and understand your concerns as well as objectives. In order to deliver advice and solutions tailored to help you work towards the construction of your Business coupled with one of the most important components i.e. CARE.

I understand the importance of your dreams since I am a Dreamer too, hence my goal is to help you take your Dream a Level Up!

You focus on your Business and it's working let me focus on its marketing, branding & designing.