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How to become a True Entrepreneur, the journey from a Wisher to a Doer!

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It’s been six years since my journey began, seems like a lot of time has passed isn’t it, must say it was not easy to survive.


Oh yes, you got me right it’s about the survival, ‘Survival of my Dream.’ I may have begun the journey quite some time ago though the inception of our connection began nine months ago when I took the first step towards starting my blogging journey.


Today as this week marks the last week of the current Financial year and falls on the auspicious Indian Festival Gudi Padva celebrated as the beginning of the New Year according to the Hindu calendar I share wit you all how can one become a True Entrepreneur, the journey from Wisher to Doer. A small push or reminder needed for us all!


How to become a True Entrepreneur, the journey from a Wisher to a Doer!


As per the Definition; ‘An Entrepreneur is an individual who sets up a business or businesses, taking on the financial risks in the hope of making the profit.’ You see it’s just not ‘the rebellions’ who are built on hope we Entrepreneurs are too!


It’s our hope to bring our dreams into reality which pushes us in days when we feel the slump seeking to drag us behind.


In my journey, until now I met many people, few who I worked with plus few who within the course I stumbled in. Each person I met taught me a lesson or two. Of them, all, the one which impacted me the most is ‘Be a doer, not just a wisher, hoper or critic.’ Thriving on hope is okay, however thriving on just hope or a dream without taking any steps is unacceptable. Like for example just sitting in a casino and hoping to win the jackpot won’t help, you need to go the machine invest a quarter, and then you can pray for a jackpot!


Same way, one may dream of starting their own business or for applying for their dream job, although just wishing won’t help you need to work on it!


I all agree life has its own set of challenges for everybody, however just whining about it will not bring one out of the situation. Hence, when it comes to attempting to achieve your desired goals in building or growing your Business one needs to focus on things such as self-discipline, willpower, determination plus planning.


In fact, have you ever noticed most people have fantasized about launching their very own company or firm at some or the other stage of their lives, but the majority do not even take the first step? Furthermore, of the quite few who do the majority succumbs to the pressures of the risk taken.


Being an Entrepreneur dreaming to execute their dream is not easy, it’s a choice we make and must stick to it!

Here are some techniques which will help one stick to their Dreams:


Make a decision

The first and foremost is taking the decision to do or not; it’s your decision made which will help you decide your course ahead. I would suggest for starters take your diary list the pro and cons of the decision you are about to take and the reasons behind it. That way with a clear mind you can make a well-informed decision. Just like Miranda decided after the calculation of pros and cons whether she wanted to go back to Steve or not.


Jokes apart the estimation helps you to understand what you really want, thus removing the self-doubt from your mind. Once you make your choice stick, to it also use the calculations page as a booster to always push you in the forward direction when needed.
What say, do you agree?


Usually this method works for all, however, if you are still lost and need a direction, try what I recommend next!


Ask yourself

This question “What are the worst as well as the best things that could happen to me if I did what I’m putting off right now?”

When you ask this question to yourself what you get is nothing but an even more refined answer for your pros and cons list, and I believe refined and edited answers are even more precise. These answers are like shaping the selected stone to a well-cut diamond.

You may feel the pressure, but it’s the pressure handling which will help you in the coming times. Since, if you are about to take the road, you must be aware of what you can expect within the journey.


Be courageous

Choose to take the activity that you’ve been avoiding.

Ambrose Redmoon, an American Writer, has once said, ‘Courage is not the lack of fear or hesitation but rather the judgment that something else is more valuable than fear.’

Similarly ‘The Myth Of The Epiphany’ states ‘Success happens to people who have the confidence and courage to remain focused on achieving success.’

Do you agree? As I do!

It’s our drive to accomplish our dreams that help’s via channeling our strengths in the right direction.
Like for example, your one act of courage can eliminate all of your fear. It’s simple once you stop telling yourself that you must perform well and instead just remind yourself that doing it is far more important.

That’s how we began.

Like if I share about myself, when I began my journey it was tough to swim against the current where all my Engineering batch mates either opted for campus interviews or went for masters in Biotechnology. I studied further learning the basics of Information Technology and started networking in order, to find a path which would help me bring my dream to reality. Back then nor did my friends or my family understand my choices, however, I continued with my quest which btw my friends still continues. When I began for me earning money was not important what mattered was to gain experience and do where my interests took me to. Then with the time, I did grow too!

However, the growth expected doesn’t take place in a matter of few days you need to be patient and keep moving ahead.


Hence is the next technique which is as follows


To Decide not to be tired.

It’s necessary not to be tired as that affects your capacity to work and accomplish your daily tasks.
We must not allow ourselves to use fatigue or illness as an escape or to put off doing anything. That way we are on time and can execute as we have planned. Since delaying anything makes no sense.

Also, if you think to work on a 50-hour work week, is tiring and hence would like to start to work on your own, I would suggest please stay safe and sound under the covers of “a real job.” Because being an Entrepreneur is much more than that. Here you may have the flexibility of timing however you need to raise to the occasion and try and make most of it! I never count the hours I put in my work.

One cannot say it’s tiring to turn up each day; I would say it’s hard in the beginning when you are alone in your quest. However, as you move ahead in the journey, it becomes easier preferably because of our determination and persistence that helps us in managing the jerks and bumps we experience.



While there is no full proof recipe for becoming a successful entrepreneur, there are certain characteristics which are associated with an entrepreneur’s success.



What do you say?
Which characteristics do you think are associated with an entrepreneur’s success & what differentiates a doer from a wisher?


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23 thoughts on “How to become a True Entrepreneur, the journey from a Wisher to a Doer!

  1. Excellent blog post!

    One must first take a step towards wherever they plan to be. If one is not careful they can spend years thinking of reasons not to go ahead with their business venture. The worst that can happen is it does not work out but at least you would have tried it and seen. Life means taking risks and stepping out into the unknown.

    I like your paragraph about constantly acknowledging feeling tired. I do this a lot but then I do not work for myself – yet!

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Phoenicia at least you are aware of it, and I’m sure you will work that out. Glad you liked the post dear, and it served the purpose of encouraging the audience 🙂

    1. Jefica, I can suggest is start Business to provide a solution to your audience’s problem not for just earning.

  2. Hey! Great blog..
    I’d like to ask you something, since I’ll go to business this year.
    What’ll be the easiest type of business for a new entrepreneur?

    1. Jefica, it’s not about what’s the best option. Rather it’s all about creating a Business Idea which revolves around your passions!
      Glad to know you liked the Blog, hope you will keep visiting and sharing your views!

  3. This is such a great post, vey informative. So true, people thing because i blog its less work. I’m like I work 50+ and a part job until I grow my blog more.

  4. you made valuable points especially making a decision, so many wish and never do. also not being tired, if you’re too tired for your own dreams how do you ever achieve them!

  5. Wonderful post, Sushmita. I have been self-employed since 1993, and love being an entrepreneur. I think the single most important quality you have touched on in order to be a successful entrepreneur is to be a doer. Dreamers won’t make it in the real world. Doers will. Thx for sharing your thoughts on this, and Happy New Year!

  6. I think each of your points are important Sushmita, though it certainly begins with the decision to try. I left the corporate world in 2010 and now I consider myself officially “unemployable” because I can’t imagine ever going back to working at someone else’s desk again. It is a big responsibility, but I love the freedom.

  7. Great post, Sushmita. Just don’t forget that entrepreneur is something most people nowadays believe they are. What truly differentiate an entrepreneur from other people though is an entrepreneurial mind i.e. willingness to risk EVERYTHING to succeed. A person who doesn’t have an entrepreneurial mind is merely carrying out entrepreneurial activity. And entrepreneurial minds seem to be genetic. Mind you there is a negative side to having an entrepreneurial mind which is that you will fail enormously once in a while. An “enterpreneur” who has never ended up on “the side of the road” is not an entrepreneur. So if it hasn’t happened to you it will when you least expect it. But the good thing about real entrepreneurs is that we always get back in the saddle again no matter how difficult it is.

  8. I love how you title this going from a wisher to a doer. Perfect!

    And I love how you mention what work it is. People always tell me I’m lucky because I get to do what I love. Someday that will be the case when I can afford to hire an assistant to do all the things I’m not good at or don’t enjoy. For now, only a small percentage of my time is spent on my trade. The rest is learner to wear many hats and be a jack of all trades in managing my website, being a social media mogul, and figuring out tons of technology that initially overwhelms me. Being an entrepreneur teaches you that you can do anything, but you have to be up for the challenge!

  9. Your paragraph about working 50 hours a week is spot on. A few years ago at age 52, my younger brother decided to go into partnership with a friend restoring expensive muscle cars. While both their work backgrounds were in the business, and my brother had owned his own shop from age 16 to 35, this was a new venture. They now have 3 employees, have had to add an addition on their building and have enough work for the next year. So while they were gambling, it was an educated risk that has paid off for both of them. They still have long work days, though!

  10. nice post,..deciding not to be tired is a very important point when kickstarting your own biz..coz there will be pitfalls ahead..i feel one point you missed though is has to be very passionate about what he/she wants to engage in..

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