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Is your Brand under the Spotlight, Or just one Among the Crowd?

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Hey, guys have you ever thought about it? We all if may not be on the list of Big Game Players when we begin; however, I believe when we stick to our roots and try to make way for ourselves our Brands do shine out, even if it may be in a small circle but there’s the beginning isn’t it?




So think about it,
Is your brand standing out in the market comprising of hundreds of them?

Like for example:

What would occur in your mind when you think about a luxury car?

The first thing that will pop up in my mind is mind-blowing speed and incredible performance. I guess same will it be in your case too! Hence, based on that you start thinking of Mercedes, BMW or Audi cars, Right?

That is the true essence of a brand identity.
Most of you will agree when I say ‘Big brands have over the time developed innovative plus unique ideas which have served adequately for them to further reach out to their customers as well as the potential Clients.

The tale of a successful brand identity is eternally based on public’s interests as well as inclinations. However, in the absence of a significant plus transparent identity, a brand would nevermore be able to stand tall in today’s extremely competitive market.

To understand this concept better, you should learn about the Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism.

What is Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism?

If you are working on making your way to developing your brand’s individuality, then it’s a must to know about a concept named Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism.
In is said in the year 1996, Jean-Noel Kapferer, the professor of marketing strategy at that time favorite management school in France, had introduced the Brand Identity Prism in his book, named “Strategic Brand Management.”

In the book, the professor had highlighted six essential components considered very useful tools for creating as well as establishing brand identity. Like for instance, when you are striving to develop your brand’s identity, you must understand that it is your customer’s experience with your brand including its history that determines the way your Clients recall your Brand. Besides, the potential Clients will attentively look for some clues about what your brand is mostly known for.

However, the clues represented within Kapferer’s six section of the prism are:



In his book, Kapferer suggested that these characteristics would only come into effect only when a brand will interact with their customers. According to the professor, a brand will be acknowledged strong if it is capable of consolidating all the features into an efficient effort to avail a compact, transparent as well as appealing brand personality. In this blog post, I will be casting light onto those six aspects presented by Kapferer.

In the case of brand identity prism, the human traits are applied to the brand in order, to recognize what do consumers think of the Brand name. Plus, the brand identity prism, as the name suggests is pretty clear, comes in the design of a prism with six different traits at each end of the prism.

L’oreal brand identity has as we are well aware has transformed over the years, although primarily the Brand has remained as a Women skincare brand. Even though the external, as well as internal indicators of Brand Identity, have modified many times. Meaning, even if brands packaging, trademark, products, etc. have undergone many changes over time still the distinct identity of L’oreal has been sustained. Plus, one can also see a consistency in brand positioning for L’oreal as a Women oriented brand. Its tagline “Because you are worth it” exemplifies that essence. L’oreal brand identity using Kapferer’s Identity Prism is as presented in the picture below taken from

L'oreal brand identity prism-EFR-International

However, today the ground rules of Marketing are evolving.

We are in an era where everything is rapidly evolving and adapting itself. It’s the Social media, content marketing, the younger generation audience’s reach, thought-leadership, moreover, the demographic shift are just some, of the many things that are challenging brands to think differently as well as creatively plus evolving with the Time & Tide.

Today creating & sustaining a Customer’s trust & loyalty for a brand is harder than ever. For example in today’s market where we have ‘n’ number or mobile phone companies only a few selected classes stick to the brands while the majority of masses use and choose a different mobile phone company each time they purchase a new phone. The one can say opt for a smarter option to select.

Hence, with so much competition for consumer’s attention building relationships with consumers has never been more challenging. Today either we pick up the newspaper or surf through the internet there is a constant barrage of ads that flash before our eyes.
Therefore, few pointers the things that make people pause, listen and pay attention to Brands are
Being an on-trend, relevant, inspiring, purposeful, innovative and additionally community-centric brands.
Just grasping attention is not enough today.

Today’s Customers look forward to identifying brands they can grow with, that earns their trust plus makes them feel valued. People want to evolve as well as grow with a brand whose products as well as services support their business or life providing meaning and significance it’s all about the emotional connection developing with the Brand as well as their personal growth.

When it comes to branding whether if you are starting up or you may be an established business owner or an entrepreneur there are a few Branding strategies that must not be ignored

First, let’s see what Branding strategies are

By definition, branding strategy is a long-term plan for the construction of a successful brand in order, to accomplish specific goals.

However, the biggest misconception about branding strategy is that one’s Brand is their product, logo, website or its name. While what I like to believe is, a Brand is much more than that.
Do you agree?

It’s the essence that feels intangible i.e. the stuff unable to be touched or having a physical appearance. Those are the feelings of the customers for any powerhouse brand than towards a mediocre Brand or a newly launched company.

So to help you control what many of us i.e. marketers consider more of an art and less of science, I have broken down the few essential ingredients for building a complete brand strategy that will aid in the construction of your companies Brand around for ages.

The Components of a Comprehensive Branding Strategy are:

Employee Involvement
Competitive awareness

These are the important but fundamental branding strategies which are followed by all!

When in today’s market condition what is required is standing out from the crowd as said in Forbes, one needs to stop doing what everyone else is doing and be creative about how your brand engages with consumers.

Establish an Identity That is Easily Relatable Personality for the Brand is an integral part of business. After all, you have to make sure that you can market yourself properly. A brand identity is more potent when it evolves with its value proposition; the value proposition strengthens its alignment with the changing lifestyle demands of its audience.

For example, Big Bazaar India’s leading supermarket having over 200 stores across India. Their value proposition which helps their audience connects to them is ‘Great Savings Everyday!’ In today’s world, each penny saved counts which helps its customers relate to plus the way of the brand to convey that the products they offer are offering them with a ‘Bonus’ savings each time they shop attracts them as well.

Have any of you ever noticed, Brands Influence one’s lifestyle and their state of mind. The Brand formed or in making need to recognize that making new customers or developing existing customer’s relationships requires the ability to educate, communicate & inspire what entirely your Brand represents and what it stands for.

Today the customer’s expectations are not just from what the Brand delivers; they are also keen in how is its delivery.

Hence here the need for the strategic marketing approach i.e. Content marketing focused on attracting a clearly defined audience arises.

Once your Brand is formed you need to do is, leverage it properly.

Consumers have been found to be loyal to specific brands when they innovate their offered products. However, to many Innovation might seem to be a clear strategy, yet many companies fail or rather fall short of their efforts. The innovative products offered must be available when the consumers are ready for the same.

Like for example, Blackberry phones which ruled the market once for the segment of business phones today are wiped out from the market due to their lack of innovation. I personally have used Blackberry phones when I last purchased one of the phones Z30; it was purely due to the loyalty for the brand next I had to hear stuff like ‘Company has shut down’ and much more when I went to purchase further accessories. Hence, when I wanted to buy another phone last year, I selected an Andriod phone.

Lastly much like leaders must lead with a Legacy-driven mindset, so should their brands. Hence, as you develop your brand keep it in mind, what is the legacy that you are mindfully attempting to leave behind?

The most Power House Brands never fall victim to an identity crisis nor will they ever. They understand who they are plus the responsibility they have to those whom they are serving and offering their products and services to. Their innovations, as well as creativity, are consistently delivered, genuine plus true. They are always focused, on what matters most to their consumer and also, on continuously making the experience better.

Each one of these mentioned branding strategies are equally important, and they develop upon one another to create and sustain the ultimate customer experience.

Sure, you probably sell a similar product or service as many other companies, but you’re in business because your brand is unique. By harping on every move your competitor makes, you lose that differentiation.

Don’t you agree?
What are your views?
Do you imply any of these Branding Strategies?
What other components do you focus on when building out a brand strategy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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