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Is your Brand under the Spotlight, Or just one Among the Crowd?

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Sushmita Thakare Jain

Founder & CEO at EFR International
I'm a Work Enthusiast & Blogger, Looking and Searching for what Life has new to Offer.
I help business owners Build their Brands and make them irresistible, profitable & simple to run.
I want to help you build your social media and it's marketing, business growth and digital strategy with confidence, so they're not just successful, but authentic as well as reliable.
If you are not a Business owner, don't worry for you I have services like Finance Management, Retirement Planning and much more to offer!
Other than work I'm someone, who love's 2 enjoy life, I love to keep things sweet n simple just like me!!!
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Hey, guys have you ever thought about it? We all if may not be on the list of Big Game Players when we begin; however, I believe when we stick to our roots and try to make way for ourselves our Brands do shine out, even if it may be in a small circle but […]