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Have you checked out, Pinterest Propel for successful advertising?

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Have you checked out, Pinterest Propel for successful advertising?

Wondering what’s Pinterest Propel?

Well, many across the globe yet don’t even know what Pinterest is?

Don’t you agree?

I can be so sure about it because I was too on the same list until a few months ago. You can say since I did not have a blog of my own was missing on few of the necessary strategies and tools to work on!

Have you checked out, Pinterest Propel for successful advertising-

Glad 11 months ago from now took the decision of starting my blog. That has brought me the opportunity to help me work on tools ignored as well as to try and work with trial and errors to share the results with you all.

Similarly, last week when I was browsing the internet I stumbled across Pinterest Propel is a program directed at providing guidance as well as support to businesses plus agencies located in the U.S. and Canada that are new entrants to advertising on the social network.

Hence I thought of sharing the information I picked up, with you all too!


However, Let’s begin with what Pinterest is.


Pinterest is a visual search engine; like they say ‘the world’s catalog of ideas’ where we can save our searches according to the category’s. Also, Pinterest has seen a massive influx of tens of thousands of advertisers leveraging the ad platform for exposure.


In fact, there are some specific reasons why one must leverage the platform like


Get more traffic, like according to Shareaholic research around 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes via Pinterest. Which as per numbers is 2nd to Facebook which drives 25%.

Make more sales according to Ahalogy; active Pinners have a 9% higher average income than non-users. As they spend less time consuming traditional media like magazines, catalogs and television but to rather check out reviews with maximum pin shares for authenticity when it comes to reviews.

Similarly, Brands utilize Pinterest to collect market intelligence which helps them with future content & product development and offers the solutions to either the missing links or improvisation of products in demand.

Pinners are engaged, loyal advocates and that advocacy aren’t just limited to browsing. It’s that advocacy which is the key to raise a Business’s brand profile and ultimately lead to building the Brand Value.

When that’s taken another step further, it leads and develops not only loyal fans and brand advocates but also determines precisely who is sharing your content via Pinterest Analytics for Business Profiles.

Pinterest is also said to be a helping hand when it comes to ranking higher on search engines. By primary reason being the traffic driven by the audience to the websites as well as the shares likes and tried tics associated with the site. As the more authority, those sites have also helped your website ranking in search results.

That way many have reduced their marketing expenses via joining Pinterest. If you are still wondering how hear this out, the reason Pinterest is so useful as a business acceleration tool is that 70% of online consumers go to Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration on what to buy.

Plus, this is a fantastic platform when one can easily have others create content for you for free, so you do not have to do all the work. Moreover, the best part is the shared content is a win for the creator with the added traffic as well as the provided credits as well. It’s simple when someone shares my content and saves them on their personal boards it helps me gain the traffic they will channel towards me which may be could have been out of reach for me!

That leads to the next point i.e. increase in exposure to a wider audience so others can reach out to alone. Check out this picture.


What does it state? My real audience directly via my Pinterest profile is just a little 3-digit number. Which of course I am trying to grow with sharing value content via the content generated by me as well as the content created by others. So now check the other Image below.

As per analytics even with such small following, the audience I reach is close to 13.7k Monthly views, isn’t that amazing. The platform is helping by contributing to reach in-demand audiences and grow.


Those in-demand audiences are the Pinners which are open to your marketing as according to Ahalogy 2/3’s of the content which is saved to Pinterest comes via business accounts. Helping people find creative ideas for their futures who are looking for it.

One more major reason for business must interest in Investing in Pinterest is since it pays off long-term. If the question is how? The answer is simple longer shelf-life of pins! It is said that high-quality Pinterest, content has evergreen value unlike where the shelf-life is said to be around 15 minutes how good or bad the content quality may be.



With so many reasons to pick Pinterest took a step further to offer Pinterest Propel, a program which provides special services to new advertisers that don’t quite understand how the site works. According to an article published by Bloomberg. “Pinterest knows what people want to buy online, making it an emerging rival to Google’s huge search business.” Meaning, Pinterest is trying to benefit from making its ad platform more friendly and understandable to the group the small and medium sized business crowd into advertising who already work with Facebook & Google catering them with many profits.

Just by committing to spend up to $100 a day on Pinterest ads, companies via Pinterest Propel will get extra support and education, and plus Pinterest will design some of their ads for them as well.

The support for the program offered via Pinterest includes


30 days of 1-on-1 phone support from the Pinterest experts.

Custom-made Pins to promote, which are made in-house with the Pin Factory.

Education plus training on utilizing Pinterest to grow one’s business.

Access to guides, insights also industry best practices for implementation.

Customized tips for up to three clients for agencies.

Support from the Pinterest experts will support advertisers learn how to create successful campaigns, build customers, analyze Pinterest traffic furthermore track sales and online conversions.

According to Bloomberg Pinterest has already used its Propel program with advertisers including Ghirardelli Chocolate and Too Faced Cosmetics and found that it made their ads less expensive and more efficient.


What do you think of Pinterest as a Platform and how well are you using the platform to market yourself or your Business!
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26 thoughts on “Have you checked out, Pinterest Propel for successful advertising?

  1. I have just started using pintrest and this article definitely explains to me how it works much better!

  2. Wow, what timing! To be honest, I’d just decided to put Pinterest on the back burner. I’m not even happy with Pinterest as a user right now. Every time I go there I see a sea of Infographics that are hard to read and very few things I want to repin let alone comment on. I realize to a degree it depends on who I’m following, and people are repining my images even though I’ve yet to embrace the all mighty Infographic, but I’m not sure it’s where I want to be right now. Still, as I said at the beginning, this is good timing Sushmita, so I’m going to try and take another look and check out Pinterest Propel. Thanks!

  3. I get about half my blog traffic everyday from Pinterest, but I’ve never heard of Pinterest Propel. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I have a pinterest account and last year I was pinning a lot which was fun and did lead people to my Etsy store. But since I’ve put my blogging and Etsy store on hold for awhile I got away from it. This is a good reminder to go check out Pinterest and add a few pins.
    Pinterest Propel – for a $100.00 dollars a day I would need to have a huge amount of business to warrant that.
    Thanks for the info.

  5. Thanks for this information Sushmita- always one step ahead!
    I signed up to Pinterest a few years ago and must admit I enjoyed pinning and adding to my boards. My interest declined when I found Instagram. There is a wealth of ideas on Pinterest whatever your plans or hobbies are.

  6. I’ve never used Pinterest Propel, but I do use a Pinterest for business. I had made dramatic changes to my reach and improved my traffic. Plus, I love the platform for saving ideas for myself.

  7. Thanks for the explanation of Pinterest. Like Marquita said, I’m having a hard time with it as a user right now. I’ll search, find something I want, but all it turns out to be is a picture–no link to the actual information that I want.

    I’ll check it out a bit more thoroughly based on your article.

  8. Hi Sushmita. I used to love Pinterest. Until Instagram came along. I much prefer Instagram. But I still do check out Pinterest every couple of days and try to pin a few things along the way. I can’t see myself paying for Pinterest advertising.

  9. I’m a Pinterest beginner so I’m still figuring out everything it can do. I’m looking forward to exploring more after reading your tips!

  10. Pinterest is definitely a beast all on its own. I am trying to learn and master it myself. Thank you for providing the extra advice so that I can hopefully grow my Pinterest strategy.

  11. I have been using Pinterest since forever. It is definitely my favourite app and I thought that I knew everything about it but to be honest I have never heard about Pinterest Propel.

  12. Personally joined Pinterest when it was brand new but swiftly left. The reasion for that was because if you pinned a picture and a photographer wanted to get paid you had to pay him. Hope those rules have changed alternatively that photographers don’t try to get paid that way.

  13. To be honest I find Pinterest difficult and hard to understand still learning…slowly thank you for sharing I learned something new today

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