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Feeding your Mind with the Right Content

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Failing is inevitable and one of your keys to success. It is important to feed our minds daily. The truth is, a lot of our battles take place in our mind, and for this reason, we must monitor what we feed it. Some of us need to undergo a mind renewal to have things go right again. Our mind is a tool where destinies are housed. It is a platform for growth which ranges from many squares and sizes of life. The promise of the mind of every sane individual still stands provided you are out and ready to invest in it.

If you seek peace in your everyday life, then it’s important that your thoughts, too, are peaceful. If you seek happiness in life, then it’s important that your thoughts, too, are full of happiness. Happiness is not about the big house, the money, or the material goods. The thrill is in the satisfaction of pushing our envelope and working hard. Happiness lives in the meaning and purpose we find in our lives.


Feeding your Mind with the Right Content-EFR-International
Can I lead you to your desired destination?

Can I help repurpose your real existence?

Can we talk about packaging you for high profits?

Don’t try to run more than your legs can carry you. Allow me lead you through the rough edges to feeding your mind with the right content, at the right time.
Off we go. Let’s nail it, now.


1. Eliminating negative thoughts

Any man who can’t utilize and maximize the right mindset needed to succeed may not be able to build the right platform for growth. The truth is, we can choose to dwell on everything we think is wrong, complain about it to everyone who’ll listen, focus on everything we think we lack, and generally go through our days feeding negativity. Or we can choose to engage with the world in ways that feel right, talk about the things that excite us, focus on everything that makes us feel fortunate, and generally go through our days feeding positivity. We can do our best to recognize when we’re doing the former, and then make the conscious choice to do the latter.

Of course, there is a third, likely more realistic option. We may never completely eliminate negative thoughts, but we can learn to catch them and dispute them with increasing regularity. What you are today is nothing but a formation of thoughts and actions you conceived before now. What you will be tomorrow will be nothing but a formation of thoughts and actions you’ve conditioned based on your thoughts of tomorrow. The only thing that can guarantee that your thoughts of tomorrow will be positive ones, the right ones, is to feed your mind with the positive thoughts today, starting from this moment.


2. Giving in for change

The truth cannot be hidden anymore, we may not always feel loving and kind, but we can choose to meditate or do whatever helps us create inner calm, so as to cultivate those feelings more often. We may never feel permanently peaceful, but we can choose to question our resentment and discontent to develop self-awareness and act on what we learn. From experience, I’d like to let you know that if you continue to feed your mind with even a single positive thought, your positivity only grows and grows, and causes you more and more happiness and peace with each day.
Change is about making a conscious decision to do things, say things, and think things differently. We have the power to choose what we give our attention and focus too. In choosing to use that power, we realize that we were more powerful than we could have ever imagined. In few cases, I wonder if ranting does me more harm than good to me as a person. In the same vein, I think of it as a cathartic feeling to work through my thoughts and feelings and get things off my chest. So0metimes, it comes to a summary that I really need to let go.


3. Self moderation

It is always good to have someone you trust, who will listen and could swear not to repeat what they’ve heard. People who can engage in such agreement and maintain the status of that relationship do exist. Some people get ideas when they connect to nature. Your thoughts are directly related to your actions. A thought of kindness will lead to an act of kindness while a thought of selfishness will lead to an act of selfishness.

In the same way, a thought of the truth about your own nature will take you closer towards understanding your true nature. The ideas you get when you tend to connect to nature in most cases are practicable if not all works for good. A thought of what’s not true about your own nature will take you further away from understanding your true nature.


4. Pen it down

Right now, write down your successes, your favorite memories, and things you are thankful for. You can even project happy happenings into the future. Feel that happy energy coming upward?

Instead of focusing on what you haven’t achieved, why not focus on what you have accomplished and give yourself credit where credit is due? No holds barred. No thoughts that negate your triumphs or happy moments. The recall process can do magic. Focus on the chase, the process, the journey — not the end result. Whatever we feed our minds today are seeds which have grown over time.

A seed sown is either good or bad whether intentional or unintentional. Whatever you feed becomes the strongest. If you feed your mind junk, then junk is what you will produce. Instead of watching reality TV filled with worldly content including sexual perversion, drama and cat fats why not listen to motivational messages or something that is going to bring you a step closer to your destiny and achieving your dream.


Wrapping it up

We must not fail to connect with people who are either headed in the same direction you are going or those who are already there and are continuing to elevate by expanding their minds. Don’t deceive you as thinking it will affect other. Take good care of your mind, and your thoughts would be taken care of. The way to put an end to all forms of negativity is to do the exact opposite. Instead of sowing a negative thought in your mind, you sow a positive one.

Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a Content Creator and Brand Story Teller at Ewritepreneur. He helps purpose driven writers grow their writing talent without compromising their price, purpose, and promise. He believes in personal development, Nation Building, regional collaboration and global participation.
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24 thoughts on “Feeding your Mind with the Right Content

  1. I choose to purge the negative from life and surround myself with positive and good–which helps my attitude. They are bad moments and situations in life, there are challenges, but keeping our inner content matching what we want to project into the world and draw into ourselves is critical.

    1. Hello Rosemary,

      I so much love your drive toward attitude. Attitude shapes how we do things, how we relate with family and friends, how we condition our minds and the way we grow our actions. Truth is, bad moments must come – it cannot be avoided. What keeps you up and as an authority is your ability to stand straight and keep to your words.

      The tongue is a powerful tool for a successful living. Whatever we confess from our mouths with the aid of the tongue, we possess. This is one of the secrets successful men and women with experience are yet to reveal to some persons who may be interested to give ears to what will shape their lives. You’ve got some great ‘stuffs’ on your site. Keep up the good work!


  2. Excellent post Sushmita. We are consumed by our thoughts, therefore we need to focus our mind on good things. When negative thoughts come, we need to release them quickly; self doubt, insecurities, envy, anger, etc etc.

    I agree with your point on limiting the amount of time spent watching reality TV. It adds nothing to our lives. Three years ago I was watching a UK soap and my then young daughter asked a question about it. I realised she was becoming engrossed. That day I made the decision to stop watching UK soaps – best thing I ever did. I regained two hours an evening and my daughter (and now son) is not being brainwashed by grim soaps which only focus on the negative.

    1. Hi Phoenicia,

      Phenomenal you are I must say. Your story is an epic one, indeed. It could be a tasteless thing when a person who wants to become a ‘song writer’ is busy investing and spending time on things which has no positive push to his purpose in life. One of the core problem of this in various states is ‘self discovery’.

      Self discovery is more to our personal lifestyles than other people. Some persons mistake ‘purpose’ for ‘passion’ which is far from the real thing. Purpose is what you need to become what and who you need to be while passion drives you toward getting that which is needed of you. I’m glad you made the decision to brand yourself earlier than now. It worth celebrating; keep the fire burning.

      Have a lovely day,

  3. Congratulations, Prince, on penning an excellent piece. I totally agree with you. If we feed our mind with negativity, then that negative energy will prevail and become the reality. I make a very conscious effort to fill my mind and life with positive thoughts, so that the positive becomes the reality.

    1. Hello Doreen,

      It was a great experience putting this piece together. I was disturbed with so many ugly happenings that have been on and growing rapidly in the life of some persons. The issue is our mindset – if we neglect what go in there we may have problem with what will come out of it.

      I do appreciate the congratulatory message.


  4. Negative thoughts can be challenging for even the STRONGEST person to get rid of some times. Our moods will always change depending on environment, diet, sleep and what’s going on in the current moment. But, if you surround yourself with an amazing support system and remind yourself of how amazing you are, you can most likely easily get out of that slump!

  5. Eliminating negative though took a lot of discipline for me. I got carried away sometime and has to consciously tell myself to stop it and move on with more positive one. Great article.

  6. Thank you for writing this post, sometimes I think I need to hear something like this, I get carried away with my goals and everything I set myself up for and I can be a little negative and hard on myself.

  7. Someone should yell at me.to pen down things! I always want to write the things to do so that I do not forget but I keep forgetting to do so and hence completely go unaware of certain things I had to accomplish. Loved reading this article.

  8. I agree that failure is part of the learning process and necessary to finally achieve success, however it is sometimes difficult not to feel discouraged when you still fail after putting in all the hard work. But, I do agree with what you’ve said that the key is to eliminate negative thoughts and not let our failures get to us. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey Prince,
    There are so many reasons and ways to be grateful in life but sadly people choose the opposite path always(almost). Instead of wasting time and energy on negative thoughts, we can achieve a lot by cultivating the positive ones.
    Thanks for this write up.

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