Grow your Network, as you have fun in the holiday season!

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We all agree growing the network is need of the hour these days.

But growing your network is not limited to traditional venues and events.

Why won’t it be, networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships.

Don’t you agree?


Grow your Network, as you have fun in the holiday season!


The word networking is a commonly used word in these days. But other than networking we use words like formal and informal networks.

Have you given a thought to what are exactly formal and informal networks?

Chantal van Kempen in one of her post says the network is a connection between resources with the same purpose that interacts formally and informally, exchanging valuable knowledge that can be beneficial for those engaged. She also says formal networks can be bounded by rules and contracts that structure the network whereas Informal networks are less rigid than the previous and don’t always have strong ties or contracts imposed. The informal network allows its members to move in any direction, skip authorities, and is more socially structured.

But these are the definitions.

For me even a sweet introduction of ‘Hello’ to someone new shifted to your floor is also considered as networking as it is all about relationship building.

For me, informal networking is all about the most meaningful connections, against all logic, that has developed outside of our professional networking opportunities.


Do you agree?

One may never know how a connection may provide you a help in some way or the other or you could help out or offer someone you know.

Like, for example,

Andrea Sachs in the Movie Devil Wears Prada meets Christian Thompson at  James Holt’s party, but it is that short casual conversation which helps Andrea later to accomplished Miranda’s “impossible” task, thus saving her job.

That’s one of the reasons why one must be part of growing networks.

The month of December comes with a relaxed office environment due to slow business, it is the most wonderful time of the year for other fun activities. With a lot of parties to attend one receives ample opportunity to meet and greet people.

You also can be the host getting set of new opportunities to network and build relationships.

Networking has proved to be infinitely more effective than traditional job searches methods such as online job postings. As many of the job openings get filled internally via connections and not by online job posting.

Other than job seekers even entrepreneurs can use the opportunities to network with people and build new or further develop old relationships.

One can use the opportunity to make key connections at the companies you’re most interested in.

But just having fun in the parties will not help one network.

One must be thoughtful of the strategies they use to network.

Firstly, one must always remember never to fake it, in order to make it. It’s always important to be yourself.

Secondly, don’t forget to carry your Business cards. You may say how can one not. Trust me I have met few have forgotten.

If you are not getting accustomed well of networking, prepare yourself beforehand like keeping some questions in mind to help you get the conversation going along. Like for example introducing you to an executive can be an intimidating experience, so give yourself a pep talk before the party.

The conversations should be focused on the person you’re speaking with, not you and your job search. As this is not the time to brag about yourself nor is it apt to bring in your resume in play or ask for favors.

When building relationships, which is what networking is all about, you want to get to know people on a professional, as well as personal a level. This is the time to take advantage of the holidays to relax and socialize and get to know people a little better.

When it comes to me. I not only use such opportunity to introduce myself, but also to gain knowledge and wisdom from others. When I meet people I listen at least as much as possible it helps you connect with the person as well as gain from their experiences.

As we say ‘knowledge gained is never wasted.

Since you intend to network with the invitees, remember it’s fine to have a good time, but you don’t need to be the life of the party. Act like a professional at all times. The simple reason being you don’t want to smell of liquor or be too relaxed when you approach the person you want to connect with.

But when trying to be too uptight will not work as well, it is required to maintain the balance by honoring the event as you don’t want to be a turn off.

With a little common sense and a bit of perseverance, you can make this holiday season a memorable one when it comes to advancing your career or getting new Clients as well as grow or root your current relations further.

Provided you, network the right way, and you just may set yourself up for success in the coming year!


Have you previously harvested the benefits of networking during the holiday season? Who knows sharing your experiences may help others.
Share your views in the comment section below.
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23 thoughts on “Grow your Network, as you have fun in the holiday season!

  1. This year will be the first time in a while that I’ve attended holiday parties. That’s an opportunity for me to informally network since everything else lately has been during attendance at an organized event. Thanks for the tips and motivation!

    1. It’s good to know you connected with the information shared it feels good when your audience connects with your shared thoughts. Best Luck and go for it!

  2. Life could actually be described as one big networking event. The best connections we make when we least expect it. Often in a part of the world where we would not have dreamt of meating someone that could have an impact on some area of our lives. Just be careful with mixing private and business though because it’s difficult to get rid of a friend who turns out to be a liability in some way. When it comes to jobs, I’m sick and tired of people on Linkedin asking me to get them a job. It’s not so bad at the moment but a few years I was flooded with requests. Even wrote on my profile that I can not get anyone a job.

    1. Yes, Catarina, it happens with me too people send me the request and once I add them the message pops up regarding the job. I am so on it when considering life as networking event when it comes to networking I believe in making relations rather than adding plies of connections.

  3. I much prefer one on one conversations as I find them to be more balanced. Generally I am open to speaking with others and it is a rather nice surprise when I attend a social event and end up networking without having prepared.

    I agree that authenticity is important. You should not create a different persona for the purpose of reeling people in. Just be you!

    1. Yes, Phoenicia, I have met people who fake it in order it snoop in, which is unethical glad you connect with me on it. Thank you for sharing your views appreciate it.

    1. Connecting and networking are always fun and helps in one way or the other change of pace is one of them, glad you are a part of one.

  4. Great tips for networking. We often forget that all the festivities of the holiday season can be a networking opportunity. I love the tip about really listening to the other person. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than when someone approaches you like they are doing a commercial for their business. If you aren’t interested in me, why would I be interested in meeting you?

  5. I agree that one of the biggest things is to never be fake about networking. You have to be interesting in helping as much as you would like to be helped. Way back in my earliest networking days, I showed up for the first time at a group and a man was dashing out. He shoved his business card in my hands and said: I’m not staying for the meeting, but call me.

    I was stunned, threw his card in a nearby garbage can and resolved to never be that person.

  6. I think that formal and informal networks and connections are equally as important. As long as you keep those connections authentic, as you have mentioned. There’s nothing worse than those fakes who pretend they care or are interested in our world when in fact they are simply opportunists who are wondering, “What’s in it for me?”

  7. One of the main reasons I’m looking to make a change in my career is because of networking. I just don’t get a lot of networking opportunities as a private tutor, and I agree on how important it is. As you said, even a simple hello and a short conversation can turn into something more in the future. Networking is usually something I avoid because I’m such an introvert and no good at small talks with strangers. But I know how important it is for our personal and professional development so I’m trying to make a conscious effort to do more of it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Rosary, soon I will be sharing tips for introverts to ease up in networking hope you will check it out and they will help you.

  8. Holiday parties give you an opportunity to reconnect with people you have not seen in 20 minutes.
    But seriously, anytime you can network, can be a valuable time. It is the time to make connections, and to make a first impression. You never know if this person, might be a future potential boss.
    Thanks for sharing.

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