What is important to sell a product? It’s Marketing or its Quality?

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Did you know?

McKinsey states that we are in the dawn of marketing’s “New Golden Age.”

Why is it so?

If one has been monitoring, compared to before today’s Marketers are boosting their precision as well as broadening their scope for telling better stories as the new trends which include a massive expansion of television as well as the online channels has led to the transformation of the idiot box as well as the desktop into retail channels, but that doesn’t end there, after them we have the unrelenting rise of mobile social media which has resulted in growth of marketing expenditures.


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But I have found out, that it has raised the question with many, doubting the need of product quality.

To help solve this query let me share a small calculation I came across on the internet shared by Dan Freedman

He says:

Think of both the utilities like two parts of a multiplication. If either part is zero, the output will be zero. But as long as both are greater than zero, the result can be very positive.

1000 x 0 = 0   — great product, crap marketing

0 x 1000 = 0   — crap product, great marketing

2 * 1000 = 2000   — cheezy product, great marketing

1000 * 2 = 2000   — great product, cheesy marketing

1000 * 1000 = 1m   — great product, great marketing

How apt is this for an example?

Celebrity endorsements and marketing campaigns might be the flavor of the day but how far these products actually meet the promises made in the marketing campaign remains questionable.

So, even though marketing has become the mantra to follow for corporate houses constantly looking to unleash new products and services on customers without doing their homework but, they must remember the trends which are shaping the marketing today

Consumer power


Data analysis

Digital exposure

Of all the above-mentioned trends, I believe customer power is the most important as rest may help you market the product to the audience but it’s the customer feedback which helps you build long-term relations not only with your audience but also with your current customers.

Only if the product has a certain quality and meets certain standards and requirements will it attract buyers? To maintain steady consumer demand and a customer base, quality is the prime consideration. If your product or service is flawed in some way, no amount of marketing will help you getting buyers or customers.

One may get a one-time sale with a promotion but repeat sales come only when the quality is good. Word of mouth can also have a negative impact if the quality of your product is sub-standard but if what you offer is as promised in your marketing campaigns for each happy customer you make you can steer down various new ones.

In today’s market regardless of the size, business owners need to create a brand around their business and the customer audience have exact and specific expectations when will it comes to say a specific product of a particular brand based what they have offered before.

Suppose a man at a coffee house on the street is discussing with his friends & family to buy a car, if he plans to buy a Mercedes-Benz luxury car he expects safety, smooth noiseless ride, many features like GPS, luxury fittings like leather upholstery, top class music system and much more.

Quality is the buzzword the common man on the street talks about so if a common man discusses or thinks of buying a Maruti 800 or Wagon R has fewer expectations, like what he will expect includes some features that would make his drive smooth and with no problems and the car may be low on maintenance.

In India, it is interesting to share that a customer attaches various values to the product/service he purchases. Which are defined as given below:

Cost value

Use value

Exchange/Resale value

Esteem value

The ‘Esteem value’ is associated with high price range products. Like the example above where the purchaser of the Mercedes Benz luxury car will have the esteem value associated with it even though both the Maruti, as well as the Mercedes-Benz cars, have the same primary function to transport people.

But the customers today are also keen to check the ‘Exchange/Resale value’ associated with the product before purchasing it. Like the common man in India is more tent to purchase a Maruti car because of its high resale value or a customer when looking to purchase an Air conditioner will check deals in all electronic stores on who is providing most returns on the exchange of the old air conditioner even after they have selected the model and brand of the same and then will purchase it from a place which provides most returns.

We as customers ourselves when have selected based on the quality offered how can we offer the opposite. When we have our brand name and reputation on the line!

This reminded me what W.A. Foster stated some years ago:

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” 

And it must be remembered by all.

When developing new products and services, one must think in terms of what people really need. While the Marketer’s need to cater to genuine concerns which people have, things that will make a difference in their lives

The topic above might be of varied views but what believe strongly is a good product and great marketing can create wonders, while with a bad product and great marketing one may enter the market but they won’t sustain.


Tell me what do you select?
Quality or Marketing?
Am I right about it?
Share your views in the comments section below!
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23 thoughts on “What is important to sell a product? It’s Marketing or its Quality?

  1. Never doubt the power of a good marketing plan! 🙂 For nearly a decade I worked for a worn down resort in Hawaii that consistently ran the highest occupancy on the island, all thanks to the marketing. We didn’t have a great product, the hotel was rated 3* and that was being generous, but we had a plan, a vision and willing employees. The “most Hawaiian hotel” backed up the marketing plan in every way – we wore contemporary Island attire, we danced hula, sang Hawaiian songs for the guests, and served authentic Hawaiian food in the restaurants.

    When we went on sales trips we still wore Hawaiian attire, played music and danced in travel agencies – not just in the USA – but around the world. I have many photos of us in Japan, Europe, Australia, etc., sharing Aloha spirit. Our neighbor hotels in the resort were luxury properties – they had the best products money could buy – and they begged us for our overflow when the hotel was sold out. I learned a lot from the experience … a marketing plan is only as good as the execution.

    1. Marquita, the hotel may not be a luxury property like you said but the answer for the hotels success lies in the generosity and the authentic services offered by the hotel. The visitors when visiting your hotel knew the were selecting the place for the services offered and not for luxury. Like when a traveler goes for an economic class ticket in the plane he does not expect luxury buy a normal travel.

      So when your hotel offered best services with the boost of a good marketing plan it gained the momentum required!

  2. The cruise ship I picked when I went to Greece definitely had their marketing down. Like the hotel Marty mentioned above, my ship was on the dated side, but they sure kept it packed with guests. I’d like to say I am more prone to go for quality but know that is not always the case when a shiny object gets my attention for whatever reason.

    1. Thanks, Jeri, to open your heart out!
      I have too met a few who get attracted to a shiny object for some or the other reason!
      It’s good to be prone to the quality side, helps you get a good product.

  3. Both. You can sell something with poor quality for a while with fantastic marketing. But in the long run it will not work simply because people will discover that they bought something of inferior quality.

  4. Thanks so very much for this post, Sushmita. I have been building my own personal brand over the past seven years with my chocolate travel books, my blog, freelance articles, social media activities and chocolate events. It is definitely a full-time job to balance content creation with the marketing of that content and related services.

    1. Yes, it is Doreen. I have been into content creation for a long time but started sharing stuff from the past 6 months and loving it. The balance is difficult but, it is fully worth it!

      It’s good to know you liked the post dear! Thank you for sharing your views, appreciate it.

  5. Excellent post Sushmita!

    Great marketing will certainly sell a product but if the product or service is not of good quality and does not deliver as promised, you will lose customers. Marketing and quality products/services go hand in hand – you should not compromise on one for the other if you hope to succeed in the world of business.

    Good marketing attracts customers.
    Quality products and services will keep customers loyal to your brand.

    1. Well said Phoenicia!
      Loyalty is one of the keys to brand building as your customer base increases when the attracted customers stay loyal to you.

    1. Yes, Marzena Marketing is important these days but what happens when one loses the attracted customers to bad quality products?

  6. ” If your product or service is flawed in some way, no amount of marketing will help you getting buyers or customers.” Absolutely agree!

  7. This post contains a really great point. As entrepreneurs, it is easy to get caught up in one aspect of business creation. For instance, the first product I created didn’t have a great marketing plan. In fact, I looked at the marketing aspect as almost an afterthought which of course didn’t work. You need to be prepared to focus on both aspects to have a successful business with repeat customers.

    1. Erica, it’s wise of you to learn and understand what you missed for the first time. Glad you now focus on both the aspects for the success of your business.

  8. There is no doubt that good marketing catches our eye, but the only thing that brings repeat business is quality. United Airlines has great commercials, but the worst on-time rates…as in, I have been on 1 flight in a year that left on time…EVER. So their marketing may be great fun, but the quality is the pits. (Okay, I admit these days if the plane goes up and comes down correctly, that is my biggest win and they have that going for them. 🙂 )

    So your marketing has to be backed up by excellence–your product and your staff. Otherwise, shut the doors and move onto something else.

  9. Sometimes, I think the answer is who you ask. You ask the creator of the product or service, and it will always be quality. You ask the advertiser or a public relations person, it is the marketing.
    In actuality, it is a tapestry of all factors. If you want something to be successful, and something that is good. Then guality, marketing must go hand in hand.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s good to know you agree with it William quality & marketing must go hand in hand!Thanks for visiting and sharing your views.

  10. One of the best posts I’ve read till now about e-commerce website. I’ve seen so many successful businesses who started with the good amount of investment with a unsucessful end.

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