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Interview with Brittney Rossie

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Hello everybody 🙂

How are you all? 

It’s Friday, time to share the Blogger featuring for the week! 

This week, I interviewed  Brittney Rossie an Entrepreneur with amazing energy, I connected with her via her Online Community ‘⛺ Business Basecamp‘ and must say it’s fun to be there!

Well if you are looking forward to knowing more about her, check the interview below.

Interview with Brittney Rossie


Thank you, Brittney Rossie, for featuring on my website. You have a loving community full of entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs, and I love being a part of the same, however, would love if you would share your story with my fabulous audience.

Thank you, Sushmita!!

I began my online journey while working internationally. I didn’t want to waste my evenings on Netflix and there wasn’t much to do in the town I lived in. I started looking at ways to earn income online.

I had recently begun learning how to improve the online presence of the non-profit my husband and I were working with and quickly realized that I could put those skills we had used for ourselves to use for others.

And suddenly I was in love with the online business!



Now that these lovely people know you and your story, would you like to share the story behind your Facebook group ‘⛺ Business Basecamp’?


To know the heart of Business Basecamp is to know the heart of my brand. I was a former outdoor guide and love all things adventure and outdoors. The longer I am an entrepreneur, the more parallels I see between preparing for a wilderness backpacking trip and the journey of a startup entrepreneur.

The community and relationships that form as a result of the ups and downs of that kind of adventure and the conversations that happen around the campfire in the evenings on these expeditions allow for debriefing of experiences, allowing for mapping the next leg of the journey and create space for us to grow in our character.

I wanted to re-create that space and experience for my online community. We talk about mapping out the steps to hit our business goals, have “campfire chats” to get to know each other better and talk about skills, strategies, and tools that are helping us get to the X marked on our business map.



What are your plans related to ‘’ where do we see you taking your Brand in next few years?

Currently, I am focused on keeping things simple- I’m focusing on Business Strategy Coaching. Now I bring a unique skillset as a strategic business coach so I will incorporate my insights from the design world and focus on foundational topics such as niching, branding and simple yet powerful systems to keep people on track.



Which 3 of your favorite tools will you recommend every Blogger or online entrepreneur must use and why?

The book The One Thing by Gary Keller. It’s a must read for anyone online to help keep them focused and sane when there is so much information (and misinformation out there)
Squarespace. It’s super powerful website platform and only getting better. It’s fairly easy to use and update and integrates with many online tools which is why I recommend it to any non-techie entrepreneur.
Honeybook. It’s my all in one contracting, communications and bookkeeping system that allows me to automate payments, auto-send questionnaires and sync my calendar scheduling tools. Couldn’t be in business without it.



How has the journey from the beginning till date motivated you and changed you as a person?

Motivationally, being an entrepreneur has taught me how to maximize my time and ultimately my life. If I want to make an impact and leave a legacy, I’ve got some work to do but now I feel like I can ACTUALLY do that.
I’ve grown so much since becoming an entrepreneur. I think my character has deepened in regards to areas like commitment, perseverance, and integrity as I realize the importance of these often understated qualities.


Next is a standard basic question ‘What does a typical day in your week look like? & Do you like a well-planned schedule or to work haphazardly?’


I like routine and I like to time block. I usually have quiet time in the morning to set my mind and heart posture. I drink coffee and read my Bible to me thinking straight. Then I check emails and engage on FB. I frontload my calls during the week so after that, I do client calls. The latter half of the week that time is dedicated to creating new content. Then I wrap up and prep for the next day.



We all have our USP, what is yours? Moreover, can you give some advice so that others can get some help in finding their USP?

I don’t know what USP is!


What has been your biggest customer success story? Why do you think it was a success?


Such a tough question! I think break-through for one person is hard to compare to break-through for another person. So, anytime a call ends in happy tears because something has clicked for them, clarity has been found or they are empowered with strategy and start making sales, it’s a success in my book!



How would you describe your personal writing style and is there a person who is an inspiration to you?


I think I would call it honest and authentic. Sometimes I like to think I’m funny or clever. I really love the way Kate from Betty Means Business writes.



Of the upcoming Bloggers you know name a few of your favorites? I know it must be difficult for you to select but still if you have to choose five names who would they be?

Who I’m following right now:

Kate from
Anna from
Erin from
Michelle from


Hope you had some good time checking out the conversation.

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