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Interview with Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

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Hello, Everybody!

Today as we come to the end of the Financial Year I am excited to share with you all New Columns Feature Friday & Video Tutorials & Monthly Series from the Next month on the website.

As a PreLaunch, I share today an Interview with my dear Freind  Daniela Pesconi-Arthur.

Check it out!


Hello Daniela Pesconi-Arthur, It’s a pleasure to Launch my Feature Friday series with you, my friend! I am so glad the journey you began via Writing Shed is adding a new chapter to it, but before that dear would love if you would share some insights about yourself with my amazing audience.
Hi Sush, thank you so much for having me here! So, to tell you a bit about my story and my calling. I’m from Brazil, but after marrying a Welshman, I moved to Wales, in the UK. I absolutely love this country and would only move from here to live in sunny Italia! When I first came to Wales, I did a creative writing course and fell in love with writing. In the same year, I moved to Naples, Italy, to work, and the idea for my first novel,, was conceived. I started writing then, and never stopped!


Now that these lovely people know you and your story, would you like to share the story behind ‘The Writing Shed’ i.e. why especially that particular niche what was the reason behind it! What do you write about and who is your target audience?
The Writing Shed website was inspired by a real writing shed that I have in my back garden, which I built the same year my mother passed away. It was there that I wrote to heal myself from the grief of losing her. I found out that writing could help us deal with a lot of issues, and I decided that I wanted to help women to achieve that. The Writing Shed has since grown, has collaborators, and we write about personal development, self-esteem, body image, mental health and I coach women. I have two online courses at the moment. The first one is called “Write your self-esteem” and the second one is called “Write your whole self”. I also do one-to-one coaching, and women can book a free half-hour appointment to go through what they need to achieve.



How would you describe your personal writing style and is there a person who has inspired your writing style or has it changed as you have grown as a writer?
My fiction writing is inspired by great chick lit authors, such as Katie Fforde, Jojo Moyes, Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella the fact that I am very comfortable with my writing voice helps a lot, not only when writing fiction, but also when writing courses for wellbeing.


What are your plans related to ‘The Writing Shed’? Where do we see you taking the Brand in next few years?
The Writing Shed will grow along This Chick Writes. That’s my plan anyway. I am hoping to help women find their strength through fiction writing, but they can always refer to The Writing Shed if they just want to improve themselves, and not write a novel.
When you first read my article ‘Finding the Ultimate Key to Your Happiness,’ what was your gut reaction?
I thought: I want this girl to be a collaborator of The Writing Shed! Haha. You have an amazing writing voice, in a way that it seems that your readers can “hear” you, and not only “read” you.
As I know you are a Book lover, would like to know which is your current read and what’s the reason for the pick?
At the moment I’m reading “The One Thing.” As I work full-time and have two projects on the side, it’s important to keep focus and to try not to fill up my “to do” list in a way that will overwhelm me. If I choose one thing a day/a week/a month that will take me closer to achieving my goals, I will always have something to focus on.
Coming to ‘This Click Writes Challenge’ would love if you could elaborate us regarding the basic info. This will help us connect with the challenge. What say?
This Chick Writes Challenge is an idea I had when I made up my mind that I wanted to finish my second novel. I thought I needed accountability, and decided to create the challenge. If I can help other women to get their chick lit novels out of the drawer as well, even better. The This Chick Writes Challenge will start on 1st April and will last for 5 days. During these 5 days, the participants will take little actions towards writing their novels. We’ll talk about the structure of a chick lit novel, how to plot the story, create the characters, find your writing voice and creating realistic dialogues. All the participants will get a free workbook (a beautiful one, by the way hehe), and I’ll be on Facebook live during the five days answering questions from the participants. After the 5 days, we’ll have two months to write 50,000 words! I’ll be doing one Facebook live per week, and will give feedback on the participants’ chapters. Like I said, there’s tons of fun stuff to come!
What is the Future when it comes to ‘’ is it restricted to just the challenge or will it grow as well just like ‘The Writing Shed’ did?
The Writing Shed has since got a “child website”, This Chick Writes, which is where I expanded to reach women writers as well. We’re starting a chick lit novel writing challenge on the 1st April, and I imagine it’s going to be a lot of fun!
What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
I guess managing it along a full-time job, especially when you want to grow it and post often for your readers. I still struggle a bit, but I’ll get there.
Of the upcoming Bloggers you know name a few of your favorites? I know it must be difficult for you to select but still if you have to choose five names who would they be (share their name and Blog URL & why)
You’re right.. It’s super hard to choose… But I’ve got them, in alphabetical order:
1) Hey, I am Lili – I “met” Lili as a writer of a Brazilian website (Brasileiras pelo Mundo), and she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! Her blog is written both in English and Portuguese, and she’s on a mission to grow her blog and spread a message of living a simple life with happiness and gratitude.
2) The Lazy Organizer – Elizabeth is an amazing woman who I met on “Classy Career Girl”, a group for women entrepreneurs, we were put in a mastermind group together and now she’s a very dear friend! She’s just started her website, but she’s been a personal organizer in the USA for quite a long time. Besides, The Writing Shed has had a makeover recently, thanks to her!
3) Techy Girl – Well, Stephanie, the Techy Girl was the woman responsible for The Writing Shed and This Chick Writes. She’s also part of our mastermind, and has become a dear friend, too! She is an expert on website design and SEO and social media (and I didn’t know anything about any of that!)
4) FabYOUlous Life – I met Melissa online, and I was so touched by her story and her determination! She also sooo sweet, and she’s an explosion of joy and optimism. You should check her blog out, for sure!
5) Creative Habitat – Rebecca is also in our mastermind group and is the lady to thank for me wanting to go back to my novel. She helped me to find a space on my day to develop a creative habit, and that’s when my novel character took some air for the first time after a very cold winter.



Hope you had some good time checking out the conversation. 

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19 thoughts on “Interview with Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

  1. I was so touched by the beginnings of the writing shed and how writing can heal. I too have used a journal for decades and have come to depend on it for focus and healing throughout my life. Thanks for the post.

  2. This is such a cool idea, and I really felt a connection with how you were saying that writing can heal. I started writing for creative purposes.

  3. writing heals every problem in the world. and glad to know that you are trying to do that and help people and businesses achieve it. thanks for this post and a wonderful video. cheers

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the notion of writing as a tool for healing. Certainly, I have been a compulsive writer ever since I was a child and there is no doubt in my mind it has help me deal with things I otherwise would have struggled with. Would definitely be interested in participating in the “writing shed.”

  5. I am not the best writer but completely relate to it being therapeutic and healing. Sometimes you just need to put the words on paper so they aren’t bottled up any longer. Love this interview!

  6. I really love this interview. As an aspiring writer, it was really inspiring to hear from someone who has made the dream a reality. Daniela’s reasons for writing echo mine. It comes from something very personal, something that helps me work out my emotions and things that I am dealing with in life and in more times than once, it definitely has. And then again, I also hope that my writing helps others.

    Thank you for this post.

    Emily |

  7. Lovely interview with Daniela, Sushmita. That’s what I love about the internet. It makes it SO easy and find and collaborate with the most amazing people. I look forward to reading more of your Feature Friday interviews.

  8. I love the idea of a writing shed. A place where one can reflect and write their thoughts on paper in solace.

    Thank you for sharing your conversation. Great idea to interview bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs. It gives readers an insight into their world.

  9. Excellent interview! You have so much going on Sushmita and it’s all great stuff. I really like the idea of featuring writers. In fact, I’m working on a special 5th anniversary update of my first book, Resilient Living. When it’s done I’ll complete your list and we’ll see if an interview might work out.

  10. Oh my gosh. I totally want to have a writing shed. I am always so jealous of people who have back sheds that they can use as their own private relaxation space. I think, especially as an entrepreneur, it is so valuable to have separate relaxation space as the home becomes associated with work.
    Needless to say, the Writer’s Shed project sounds like a great one. Writing on a daily basis, especially to help process emotions, is a great habit to get into.

  11. I really enjoy reading other author’s interviews. They give you an insight into them personally, and their writing. It is wonderful to see how they are influenced, and their process.
    Thanks for sharing this interview with Daniela Pesconi with us.

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