Introducing Personal Branding Essentials! It’s Time You Figure them out.

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What as per definition is Personal Branding?


Personal Branding focuses on people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Your personal brand is a distinct indication of what is the best you have to offer like your performance, contributions, and value your next Employer or may be your next Client can expect from you.

As per Glenn Llopis’ definition of a personal brand

A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual; as a leader.

In today’s attention-deficit culture it’s not enough to be memorable we can consider it to be a good first start.

In my previous article regarding Personal Branding, I have shared few basics related to Personal Branding if you want to refer it you can check it here.


<img src="image.jpg" alt="EFR International intoducing the Personal Branding essential stratergies" title="Personal Branding Essentials"/>


Since this is a topic we hear a lot these days let’s further discuss it.

But, before let me ask you few questions.

How far have you come with creating your own brand?

What have you discovered are the essentials when you are generating or creating your Personal Brand?

If your answers to the previous questions are on a positive note you can further work on it. Today I will be introducing you to the essentials of the personal branding.

If not, start today as I will be introducing you to the essentials of the personal branding!

Why essential strategies?In order for to create your brand and to have real staying power, you must have few essential characteristics.

In order for to create your brand and to have real staying power, you must have few essential characteristics.

Dr.Hubert K. Rampersad an international consultant in the field of industrial engineering says:

Everyone has a Personal Brand but most people are not aware of this and do not manage this strategically, consistently, and effectively. You should take control of your brand and the message it sends and affects how others perceive you. This will help you to actively grow and distinguish yourself as an exceptional professional.


When I asked few how do they go about building their personal brand?


For many, it’s about creating a compelling and successful online brand via social media or by creating valuable content online or by sharing content generated by others.

I don’t say these aren’t the correct strategies what I think is these aren’t the only one.

Or is Personal Branding is more than this?


If so, then you may ask what are the required foundations for building Your Personal Brand?


For me firstly when you began building your personal brand the most important priority is to strategize for the long term rather than short term. A long term view always provides real, concrete benefits & results.

If you understand where you want to be in the coming future i.e. your destination then that knowledge may help you achieve that future, that vision. Thinking about the future helps one create a valuable perspective being the long-term perspective.

Get to know yourself first i.e. self-awareness get really present with ourselves, your motivations and desires; to come face-to-face with who we really are as well as to make yourself be known by others. Knowing yourself well helps you work on your strong as well as weak points, as enhancing and improvising is a must.

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with your yesterday , try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.

Once you know yourself, you next need to start evaluating yourself as a Brand.

When we think of a Brand it is the idea or image of a specific product or service that we connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company or say who owns the idea or image. Correct?

Similarly, when you start evaluating yourself as a Brand you need to first think what way you wish people to associate with you when they have your name or your company’s name in mind?

After the above base building foundations lets take it further.


Few simple Essentials you need to figure out when developing your Personal Brand are:


Are you discoverable?

If you want your personal brand to make an effect on your career with your company and your associated target audience you need to make yourself discoverable. Being discoverable means effective steps so that when people search you or any person with similar expertise or experience your information shows up offline as well as online. Today being present online and being found via search engine optimization is not the only requirement word of mouth marketing is equally important as well.

Firstly in order to be discoverable via search engines, you need to do this by signing up for relevant social-media networks that tend to rank highly in search engine results. This, when combined with an advertising form word of mouth, will lead to increase your credibility.

For the beginning, you will need to broadcast your brand over and over again, continuously, consistently and repeatedly until it will be memorable in the minds of your audience like clients, employers & colleagues it will be about repetition and long-term exposure.  Do not expect overnight success cultivating a successful personal brand takes time and effort.


Is your Brand Distinct?

We all as individuals have a unique value or we can say in layman’s words each person has his own individuality.


Similarly, our Personal Brand needs to be expressed in a unique way.  That way it will help you be distinguished from your competition based on your Brand.


Consistency is a Must!

Your consistency in the services or expertise you offer helps your Clients to come back to you each time.

Answer a simple question

Can others (your Clients, your Employers or your Colleagues) always depend on you?

If the answer is yes, I must say well done!

If not, keep in mind you need to work on your Consistency.

Consistency helps you build your Brand for a long term duration as your Clients will be returning to you for more business and help you grow with new Clients too.


You’re Brands Authenticity.

It is important to be your own Brand!

It’s necessary to build your brand on your true personality, it should reflect your character, behavior, values and vision. It should be aligned with your personal ambition!

At the very least, remember that your personal brand is something that is being honed by you through your values, your work, and the experiences other people have with you.


Your passion towards your work.

With every interaction you have with your Clients they pick up on subtle energy cues.

If you don’t have any real passion for what you are doing, your lifeless brand will stumble.

While on the other hand, if you imbue your brand with passion and oomph, your brand will be unstoppable.


Creating an Emotional Connections.

Someone once said,

“People won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.”

Creating an emotional connection with your Team, your Clients bring in definitive loyalty as well as growth through powerful emotional connections.

In order to have a truly powerful personal brand, you have to understand how you make your audience FEEL.


Generating Social Engagement.

When generating Social Engagement you need to check

How are you presenting yourself online?

What you say or share on your Social Media profiles?


Is your brand sparking any conversations?

Since social media has the power to leave an impression on anyone you come in contact with.

One needs to be strategic about your social media activity.

Personal branding, via social media, is about making a full-time commitment to the journey of defining yourself.

If you do not have huge numbers of followers on your social media network it’s okay.

Networking is not about having huge numbers of followers, it is about having likeminded 20 – 30 people or people looking forward to receiving services of expertise you have to offer.

The key advantage of social media is that one can easily find people who share same interests.

Once you have done the previous steps correctly you can amplify your influence by increasing your ability to be heard with the increasing magnitude of your audience.

This is the time when you can leverage the audience built around your brand by being relevant to your target audience and connect to what they consider important.

With the given time and efforts your brand will grow and develop.

Stick with it, don’t give up, believe in yourself and be patient.

It might seem tough when you began to establish your personal brand, and it could certainly be difficult for those who’ve never gone for a personal branding campaign before but, Remember


A person who masters patience masters everything else.


So do your tough work up front and reap the rewards down the road!


Share your views.
What strategies are you currently following to develop your personal brand?
Or are Looking forward to following?
What are your views on the above-mentioned strategies?
How will you go about it?
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16 thoughts on “Introducing Personal Branding Essentials! It’s Time You Figure them out.

  1. Yep I do have a personal brand and have had one for years. My blog has further information about it under “About Catarina Alexon” and “Notable Alumn Lund University”. You also find buttons to my social media accounts and, as you may have noticed, I write about issues I have worked with, frequently on a global scale. Honestly there are negative sides to a personal brand as well. All kinds of people want me to do favours for them, get them a job and what not. It mainly happens on Linkedin and I remove them as connections.

    1. Yes, Catarina we all face it. I have received such connection requests too. Each coin has two sides, but I believe in focusing on the positives like you to continue by removing such unknowns.

  2. Well said and I’m happy to share because as much as has been written about personal branding it’s surprising how many people still don’t understand it. For example, a recent conversation in an author forum on this topic generated some pretty over the top comments, one of them from a gentleman who said “branding is for cattle” don’t even talk to me about such silly things. Another defined branding as being too expensive for the average person because to him it meant custom logos and campaigns created by advertising companies. When there is lack of understanding on that level, it really isn’t worth taking the time to try and educate, you just have to shake your head and move on. Thanks for the great read!

    1. Yes, Marquita there are many who haven’t yet understood the quite basic essence of Personal Branding to further work on it and many are still there who have not even been introduced to the concept. There is a long way to go!
      Glad, you liked the post, thanks for sharing your views!

  3. In your post you say “it’s never too late to start over.” That’s interesting when you think of it in terms of your online brand. I suspect there are some who have a different online brand and offline brand. It may be the difference between your personal and your professional life. But you can also see instances where the permanance of the digital world can keep alive a past that is different from the brand you want to project.

    1. Ken when I say starting over, I meant standing up on your mistakes and starting over and not projecting a image. Our Personal Brand is a reflection of what we are, we must not project a different image when branding. I don’t believe in different online and offline brand.

  4. Good points on how to set about creating and keeping your personal brand. Does it come down to what you want to be known for? Credibility, dependability…in my case, humor and adventure? And being consistent in who you are.

    1. When we work on some specifics we become known for them as the words spreads and our work brings in the further specifics. So yes, it’s we ourselves who build our brand and hence comes down to us for what we are known for.

  5. I think many of us learn the hard way that consistency is key when it comes to personal branding. Like many bloggers, I started out blogging about a few of my passions, and was all over the map. It took awhile to go down the freelance editing route. In the meantime, I’ve learned a lot about how to approach my author platform when I decide to take that on again.

    1. We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it. Like Albert Einstein says ‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ and working on it. It’s good to know you took your time and worked it out to provide us amazing reads each week.

  6. I like how the advice on branding in this post focuses on knowing yourself and being authentic. The tips made a lot of sense to me. I think the idea of branding sometimes puts people off because they associate it with being phony and using almost-slimy sales tactics.

    1. Yes, I have met few of such kind Donna & that’s the reason why I decided to share the essentials from my end, it’s good to know you connect with my post. Thanks for sharing your views.

  7. Really good, informative post. Building a brand is a ton of work and it takes a resilient person. I’ll say from my personal experience that it is not an easy journey. Certainly having a great product is not enough. People have got to want to work with you and that is where social media can be really important to a growing brand.

    1. Yes, Erica, it is not an easy journey one requires persistence and the will and desire deep from within then it can be created as we say ‘ A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step! ‘

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