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Know why I transitioned my website from Wix to WordPress?

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Just like the world and its creatures have evolved and adapted with the changing times, the same way has the digitalization evolved all the aspects of our lives.


Long gone are those days when our study needs were fulfilled by books and magazines we love. Today other than them we have blogs, vlogs & podcasts to keep track as well.





Today, as a result, web publishing has gone through many changes and today we have dozens of web publishing solutions available out there, although from a simplicity standpoint Wix & WordPress are some of the best & the most well-known brands in the market.


I can say that for sure because I have used both. Before my current WordPress, what I had was a Wix website when I started my blogging journey about 8 months ago. Although, the Wix platform was used by me for only 2 months’ time frame.


Wix might be a good option since it is easy to use, having a visual, intuitive and user-friendly interface where you’ll be doing a lot of dragging, dropping and clicking making it easy for beginners but that’s not all that we need.

Even simplest of the websites, these days are interactive. 


One can indeed make a free website on Wix, however, each small tweak in the website needed from the back end is very difficult to execute neither can one utilize the important tools like Google analytics for free. Wix doesn’t open up the codes. They do have a ‘custom HTML’ widget, but they don’t provide full access to the site’s source code.


Whereas, WordPress being an open source platform, means that their codes are open to everybody to use and modify. Programmers and coders can easily customize and modify their website as per their needs.


Besides don’t worry friend if you are not a programmer or a coder one can easily utilize free plugins to do the work for you. Like for example, many are not aware where to paste the Pinterest code for website verification, right?


No worries, download a Plugin named ‘Insert Headers & Footers’ and paste the code and update. That’s it! Your work is done. If you check back Pinterest your website will be verified soon. It’s that simple!


It can be said that the WordPress plugins are one of the main reasons why the WordPress community has expanded. The plugins help extend and expand the functionality of WordPress.


Also, since any programmer or coder can easily use WordPress to create their own themes or plugins for others to download for free, or to be purchased for a fee. It provides them an advantage as well.



Next, if I come to discuss the costing involved Wix offers flexible plans, however, the cost depends on how much resources you use and the need. For example, once you have your Unlimited plan website running already when you need to add an E-commerce store to your website one needs to pay extra charges for the same. Whereas when it comes to a WordPress website you are free to use your WordPress site in any way you want.



Other than these one major issue I faced when using my Wix website was the lack of support. I know if you after finishing this article go and google up regarding the Wix support system results obtained will say they offer official support which one cannot receive from the WordPress end, but what I share here is purely my personal experience.


The only sole reason for me to cheat on Wix and move on with WordPress was the lack of support from the Wix team. In just mere two months’ time frame I had received many complaints from my visitors related to unavailability of my website or some or the other apps nonfunctioning. However, when reported the reply I aways received was it was because of the internet connectivity issue from my end, even though I had views across the world reporting me with the issues.


That for me was not a good sign as I was taking steps to grow my label from being local to global but if my showcasing element is faulty and myself cannot guarantee it’s working how and why will anybody work with me?


Then, at that time one of my friend suggested me to go for WordPress instead of Wix website which helped me a lot. I am glad she pushed me that time to select the better platform.


I believe your website’s homepage is your virtual front door to your business, now imagine someone is searching for a door to meet you and if you do now show up, chances are high the person will move towards the best alternate door instead of waiting for you to appear.

Do you agree?



Even though, theoretically a website is just ‘a set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject, published by a single person or organization.’

If you have your own website it offers an opportunity to the people to find you & introduce yourself or your Business on the major search engines.  

We all agree showing up is half the battle. Hence, choose the best of all the options available. As it would be the last thing you want to do is commit a lot of time and energy to building a website, then finding out that you have to re-build it again. Like I had too.

If I share a detailed post discussing the pros and cons of the platforms would you be interested?
Further, share if you or anyone you know faced issues with a Wix website in the comments section below?
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32 thoughts on “Know why I transitioned my website from Wix to WordPress?

  1. I must admit that while I have heard the name, I know absolutely nothing about Wix. However, I have been blogging with WordPress for over 7 years now and I can’t even imagine using another platform! Welcome to the light!

  2. Sushmita – I had a similar experience to you. I blogged with a host for a year before moving to WordPress. I cannot recall the name of it which just goes to show!

    With the old host, my site would go down and I was unable to access it for days, which meant my readers were also locked out. I was a new blogger and could not afford to showcase my blog in this way. After carrying out research, I moved to WordPress and have not looked back. As you have stated you do not need to be an IT expert to use WordPress. It is reliable and has ease of use.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Last year I transitioned from Blogger to WordPress and it was the best decision I’ve made. A much more user friendly platform!

  4. I’ve never worked with Wix, but like many, I’ve been using WordPress for years. It’s a fantastic platform and the fact that it’s open source is a big reason why it’s so robust. Happy to hear you’ve made a change for the better! 🙂

  5. I love using a platform that allows me to edit the source code. I use Joomla and am fairly too entrenched to switch (plus I’m a web developer), but WordPress sounds like a great, user-friendly option!

  6. I recently wrote an article on how to setup your first website. Just the basics. I got many questions on it about pros and cons of different platforms. But I don’t have an exposure to multiple platforms, so can’t really answer. If you put up a post on the same, its going to be helpful definitely

  7. Yes, it was good that you followed my advice and switched to, wasn’t it. Like you new layout just find the text in the articles hard to read. If I were you I would stop using Italics.

  8. I was very briefly on Blogger, but found it too limiting, so when I set up my site, I went straight to WordPress. My challenges have come from my hosting company (GoDaddy) rather than with WordPress, but my tech person tells me they are improving. I can’t offer an opinion on Wix, but hope you continue to like WordPress.

  9. I had my old blog on the WordPress platform and everything was very easy to use, even though I was a beginner. My current blog is on WordPress as well, but if I heard of WIX before, maybe I would consider it. Good article;)

  10. Your updates look great! I’ve been through the same process a few times. I started off in Blogger (blogspot), but quickly learned about WordPress. The first time I tried to migrate, I felt intimidated and went back to Blogger. When I finally took time to learn WordPress, it was the best decision I could have made. With more learning experience, I made more updates. I’m sure you’re glad you did too!

  11. I’ve been working with wordpress for a long time. Always hosted it on my own server, but it’s the way to go for me. I used it as back-end for both business sites and my blogs and it always seemed the most stable, versatile, and intuitive version. I did have a chance to interact with wix websites, but that platform never convinced me.

  12. Hello, Sushmita. I have only used WordPress for my website. I chose it because of the wide variety of themes and plugins available in addition to Google Analytics. It sounds like I made the right choice. That’s a relief.

  13. This is an interesting post. I tried to build a store with Wix and it just drove me crazy didn’t know how to use it. This post can be helpful rhanks for sharing

  14. Wix may be suitable for those people who are looking for a simple website design where they will make few changes. I have a business colleague who switched to Wix and she has a one-page website which suits her fine. If you make changes to your site, as I do, then I believe WordPress is the way to go.

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