Why I Love Looking Forward to & You Should, Too!

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After watching Google’s year in search video it struck me, the year 2016 was bit messy. Regardless of it in the backdrop, the Business flourished so did new business launch.

With the New, year begin new beginnings!


It always should be that way. Right?


Looking forward for Happiness


I strongly believe

Once you start looking forward to things more often, you’ll find more and more reasons to appreciate and be excited about everything that comes your way.

With the new year what we receive are 365 new days, each day has an opportunity hidden within itself.
You may say last year was pretty difficult or rocky, I understand. But you must remember

Life is a Journey and you must enjoy the ride.

Today since it is the first post of 2017, let’s not talk about business. Let’s begin the year with a punch packed with motivation to help you look forward.
Tell me one thing, doesn’t an average day includes a mix of things we both look forward to and things we don’t look forward to. That doesn’t mean we do not look forward to those things.
Looking forward to even the smallest parts of your day can not only make that day more enjoyable, but it can also improve your outlook on life, it helps you appreciate the things you already have, keep you from getting stressed out, and help you have better relationships.
Life is tough and work can be difficult, but when one focuses on improving all the aspects of their work & find happiness and meaningful purpose at work.

It is pretty simple if you really apply your fullest at the work, why will you not be rewarded.
Gretchen Rubin is one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on habits and happiness says:

There are four stages for enjoying a happy event
First is anticipation (looking forward to it)
Second is savoring (enjoying it in the moment – remember to turn off your cell phone!)
Third is expression (sharing your pleasure with others, to heighten your experience)
Last one is reflection (looking back on happy times – so take pictures)

When you look forward to a bright future it makes you feel good accelerating the atmosphere of growth and motivating you to work at your job or bringing your dreams to reality.
But remember never try and fake or pretend to your own self about it or even rather about your small likes or dislikes. One must never fake it.
It may take many sincere conversations for you to realize how negative you are being, and will take many, many attempts to correct the perspective and behavior for you to finally, genuinely be positive.
It’s a lot easier to look forward to everything when you don’t let baggage from the past weigh you down. Just focus on the lessons learned improvise yourself plan your goals may they be long as well short term and look forward to the execution!

What do you say?
Shouldn’t we start the new year with the positives from the past and look forward to the coming good times!
What are you like to be looking forward to? A new career? Job changes? Or is it that finally, you begin your journey to accomplish your dreams?
Share your views!
Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year!
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64 thoughts on “Why I Love Looking Forward to & You Should, Too!

  1. Throughout the day I think of things that make me happy, small things I have to look forward to; spending time with my children after a long day at work, catching up witj my husband, watching a film, reflecting on how God has blessed me, the list goes on!

    I am very much about enjoying the moment. Whilst I take photographs, I rarely post them on social media when at the actual event. I want to be ever present not secretly focused on ensuring followers knowing what I am doing every minute of the day.

    1. Friends and Family are important too you are right about it, glad you are enjoying the moment thank you sharing dear 🙂

  2. Despite the other-worldly political climate in my country, on a personal level I am looking forward to 2017 for many reasons, personal as well as professional. I do believe strongly that if you want different, or better results, you need to change the way you do things, so one of my activities this month is reviewing my systems and doing a bit of experimenting. A bit tedious going in, but once it’s done it will help me to move forward at an optimal pace this year. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

    1. That is so true Marquita, you always have the best to offer. Thank you for sharing your views appreciate it hope we all have a great 2017 🙂

    1. Thank you, Zahra, for sharing your views glad you liked the post. Hope you keep visiting and sharing your views.

  3. In life, there will always be challenges. We learn to handle them better when we learn to accept the good and the bad, but stay positive as you said. Be grateful for the good and know that the bad will be handled. I’m still working on the favoring step. Sometimes my thoughts and responsibilities distract me from being in the moment. Looking forward to a great year, even with the little things I don’t look forward to 😉.

    1. Thank you, Danielle for sharing these words of wisdom, distractions are there but we can always focus back to our plans. Keep visiting my dear friend!

  4. Love this: “With the new year what we receive are 365 new days, each day has an opportunity hidden within itself.” You are so right, Sushmita, that every day is a chance to be appreciative and to express that to the world at large. I hope I spread more goodwill than anything negative this year. I know you will!

    1. Thank dear RoseMary for showing the confidence in me, it helps and motivates me even more. I know you will too for sure spread more goodwill dear Cheers 🙂

  5. I am really and truly looking forward to 2017. one reason is due to the fact that i will be 25 in May. I also want to think more about my future and think of living independently!

  6. I really love the second step, to be present. That is one of my words of 2017! Trying to slow things down and savor every moment, rather than just rushing through my life. I want to truly enjoy my time and all of it! I love this post and pinned it for my clients to read! <3

    1. Thank your Meagan, for sharing the post hope your Clients like it too. And hope the best for you, thank you again for sharing your views appreciate it!

    1. You’re welcome dear, glad that you have decided to go positive henceforth. That is necessary keep visiting and sharing your views dear 🙂

  7. I decide to make everyday mor productive than last year. Hoping for more adventures and opportunities to come. I’m planning to focus more about being a wife and a mom also a food and lifestyle blogger.

    Love reading your post dear.

    Happy New Year !

    1. Thank your for your wishes! Hope your year goes better than you planned and expected. Glad you liked the post, thank you sharing your plans for the year I love it when the readers share.

  8. I hadn’t heard of Gretchen Rubin and enjoyed her four stages of enjoying a happy event. Sometimes the anticipation is even better than the event itself! We can also tend to embellish our memories of the event and that’s OK, too, because it’s always better to be happy than not.

    1. That is good to know, but have a suggestion for you dear. Better get a clear vision and then plan your working because that is necessary.

    1. Thank you, glad you like the post. Hope the best for your dreams any may your determination and persistence help you achieve more than what you are looking ahead to.

  9. Agree with you in principle. Just wish to add that it’s essential to be prepared for the nightmare scenario. Otherwise you will be caught unaware if it happens and could end up in trouble. If you are prepared you have figured out the best solutions and can forge ahead. Happy New Year!

  10. I love Gretchen Rubin’s book! I was sad one year and went and bought her book to cheer myself up. It worked. My favourite line from her book “The Happiness Project” is this one: The days are long but the years are short. It’s so true!

    1. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your favorites it is indeed true and I connect with you on it. Thank you for sharing dear and keep visiting.

  11. We can look ahead, or look backwards. I think the most important is the savoring the present. Each second we have at this moment is precious. It is nice to think ahead of our future, and to look back fondly is good.
    But this very second, is something that will never come again.

    1. Living the moment i.e. the present is vital and looking forward to the positives in the future built on the lessons and positives learned in the past is the key!

  12. Love this, and love starting out the year with motivation. I do have to say though, a favorite part of my year is no. 4, reflection, and I always do it through photos of the year. For me, hindsight on fortune in the biggest inspiration to keep that momentum going!

    1. One must be motivated all the time. Good to know you have been applying reflection to keep your momentum. Hope you keep it high all the time! Cheers

    1. You’re welcome, Katie! I’m glad you connected with my post and have shared your views. Thank you for sharing your views.

    1. In a writer or bloggers, life words of appreciation are the antidote to the frustrating moments when writing. Thank you for sharing keep visiting 🙂

  13. what I like about this post is that it has so much positivity and that’s what we need more in our lives. I really liked the first sentence its really deep

    1. Hello, Thank you for sharing your views I’m glad you connected with my post. You are right when it comes to positivity we need it more in our live and must work for it as we deserve it for ourselves.
      Keep visiting!

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