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Marketing differs from selling but is the connection between the Company & its Consumers.

The American Marketing Association has defined marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Whether a Business is small or big marketing plan has to adopt the same marketing procedure, but the similarities between the two ends there.

That’s simply because while small businesses and large businesses might operate in the same market, they have significant differences that can have a large effect on business operations.

Small business or startup follows the same basic marketing cycle as a big business, but for the small business marketer the budgets, staffing, creative approaches, and communication techniques vary hugely between an international mega-marketer like Zara to a comparatively micro-budget marketer who is new entrants.

When it comes to running a business, time and effort are precious resources, and the last thing you want to do is waste them.

Managing marketing for your business could easily keep a team of marketers busy for around 40 hours a week.

But if you probably don’t have a team of marketers it doesn’t mean you cannot get the results you are aiming for. In that case, you’ve got to find tips and tools that will help you make the most of the time you do spend on marketing.


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Here are few tools to make your life easier!


Schedule Management

In order to make your life easier, the most important step required is to plan your schedule. A great calendar is like a great personal assistant, keeping your days flowing smoothly. Without them, most of us would miss appointments and disregard deadlines.

Google Calendar (Web, Android, iOS)

Apple Calendar (Web, Mac, iOS)

They also power the other calendar apps it’s like the One Calendar to Rule Them All because it lets you keep multiple calendars—for personal, work, holidays, and more—in one place, using your existing account.


Working out your Social Media

Save time managing your social media. Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place.

This is very well done via Buffer

It’s a killer time-saver, Buffer lets you publish, schedule, auto post, monitor, engage and analyze.

With Buffer’s free social media tool, you have access to over 600,000 images also you can upload your own image and use all the tools necessary to be a social image pro. You start by selecting an image, and from there you are able to overlay with text, choose sizes, select filters, add logos, and download/share. In moments, Pablo by Buffer makes it easy to go from being a Photoshop newbie to social media design pro.


Pro Graphics

Canva is an easy-to-use tool that allows both designers and non-designers to create designs and documents without a ton of technical knowledge.

Thanks to features like the drag-and-drop functionality, free icons and shapes, collections of fonts, and helpful templates, users are equipped with everything they need to pull off quality designs for presentations, social media, reports, and even business cards.

Canva is also easy to learn which makes it apt for small business marketers without Photoshop skills.



MailChimp for email marketing purposes has become one of the most dominant emails marketing tools in the market. It offers very simple and user-friendly structure, even a newbie can also setup email campaign very easily. You can also design your email to attract users with the help of this tool.

This great tool offers free trial forever. In the free plan, it includes up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 e-mails monthly.

Boomerang is a savior for cluttered or busy minds. It integrates with your Gmail account and lets you schedule emails, set reminders to reply or follow up, “boomerang” and email, and access Boomerang from your mobile device.

Like, for example, you want to send an email on a Friday but don’t want it to get lost in the recipient’s mailbox over the weekend? With Boomerang for Gmail, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent at a time that’s more convenient.


Conference Calls & meetings

Skype we all agree it’s a global world but, even if your business is local say expanded in India from time to time, you may need to hop on a call with partners or clients who are miles away. With Skype, you can set up free conference calls with as many as 25 people, and as long as they have an account with Skype, the service is completely free!


Google Apps

Google Apps is a package of cloud-based productivity services that make it easy for businesses to collaborate in real time.

With Google Apps you receive access to apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites, you and your team will have the means necessary to innovate, brainstorm, and document all of your great ideas.

In order to get started with the free version of Google Apps, you simply need a Gmail address. In case if you want to use Google Apps with a business email address like, you’ll need to pay the starting price is $5 per month.


Google Analytics

Simply Track Your Traffic using Google Analytics

You created a gorgeous website, but you have no idea how many people are visiting it. Are new clients really checking out your online store? Or are they clicking on your homepage and then quickly browsing to another website?

According to its website, “Google Analytics’ solutions can help you turn customer insights into action for your business.”

Not only does the solution provide you with the means necessary to report on your website’s progress each month, but correct use of these insights can also help businesses better understand their visitors so that one can create marketing experience that keeps bringing them back.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that every website owner, webmaster, web marketer and Search Engine Optimizer can use to monitor and maintain their website’s presence in Google search results.

Main features of this tool are: Search Appearance, Search traffic, Google Index, Crawl status, Security Issues and many other resources.

It is a free service offered by Google.


Google Keyword Planner

This tool is been designed to help businesses be seen by customers at the very moment they’re searching on Google for the things you offer.

It is a great resource for any small business looking to launch a pay-per-click campaign. Countless opportunities exist to use this tool when setting up an Adwords campaign. One of our favorite features is the search volume calculator. Here, you can enter a keyword and see how many people searched for it each month for the past year. From there, you can layer it with location targeting to get an estimate of how many monthly impressions you’ll get for that keyword in your area. On top of search volume metrics, you can check out competition level and suggested the bid for any keywords that you select.



Has it ever happened that find yourself on the train or at a red light when a great idea strikes?

With Evernote, you can catalog your such thoughts on any device to ensure that you don’t forget to execute on it because of Evernote syncs across all of your devices, it’s easy to jot down an idea when it hits, and then run with it when you get to your desk the next morning.

The free online workspace provides the users with a platform for writing, collecting images and snippets from around the web, and communicating, collaborating, and sharing with colleagues.

With the tool’s screen-friendly layout, you can even transform your notes into a quick presentation for an impromptu meeting on your latest project.



LinkedIn is the professional social network.

You can meet other professionals in your field, network with industry experts and get valuable insight and advice using LinkedIn groups. Plus, the platform can help you gain exposure for your business.

All that is required is to invest a few minutes in creating your profile.

I would like to share that many of the above-mentioned tools I have learned about are via my LinkedIn connections.

I believe Networking is not a part-time or occasional exercise. Everywhere we go, we have an opportunity to network, learn as well as grow with others.
Do you?

We must remember in today’s small business world, it’s not necessarily the hardworking marketer who achieves better results, but those who take advantage of marketing automation.
As we say work Smart not hard!

What tools do you use to run your business? Share your favorite in the comments section below.
If not
What Are You Waiting For?
Whether you decide to use one of these tools or all of them, you’ll be well on your way to having a lot more time and energy to focus further on your business!
Knowledge sharing of any other tools available is welcome.

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26 thoughts on “Marketing tools for small business, to make your life easier!

  1. I don’t use Buffer as much anymore. They now only allow one free site. It worked better for me when I could use it for both Twitter and Facebook. I definitely couldn’t manage well at all without Hootsuite and will likely upgrade to a paid account one of these days. I can also attest to how great MailChimp is. After the initial learning curve, it’s hard to imagine how to function without it.

    1. I have been using Buffer for quite some time, have heard of Hootsuite thanks for suggesting it will try it out. I like it when sharing the information holds takes them further next level of it!

  2. You have certainly done your homework! I am familiar with some of these tools including Boomerang. I like the idea of writing an email when convenient and setting up to send at an appropriate time.

    1. It’s good to know you are familiar with few tools in the list. Just like you, I too like the idea of managing and scheduling work where we work as per our convenience and our work delivers as per the requirement.

  3. This is a good list. As for me, I mainly use the Google tools – Keyword Planner and Analytics and of course, I’m on LinkedIn. I have also used Canva to create banners. I tried Evernote but I didn’t find it helpful at all but that’s just me, I still prefer the old-time pocket notebook.
    BYW, Nice to see you on BHB

    1. Hello, Lenie it’s nice to see you too! We all have our preferences and they help us work and perform better it’s not about how we do, it’s about what we do.

  4. Great list. Personally use some of them. Glad you find Google Analytics helpful.

    Alexa is useful and fun. So why don’t you register. Then you can download their app and click on it whenever you are interested in how popullar a website is. Personally have fun doing that. Just keep in mind that the lower your rank the better. Google is No. 1 and Facebook No. 2 in the world. My blog is today No. 442, 335 in the world i.e. only 442, 334 websites have more visitors than I have. Also do note that you will not be ranked until you are among the top 30 million websites in the world.

  5. Have surely used LinkedIn for many years, even more when I was in corporate work. It’s still invaluable, given BHB. The social media plugin/theme I use allows the scheduling of posts. It’s still a lot to manage! Good tips.

  6. This post is great for any small business owner take their time back. I know, for me, social media management companies like Hootsuite helps me tremendously. I can research post shares at nighttime and post and then it sends out posts automatically. Such a time saver. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s good to know Sabrina you liked the post as well as could relate to it, I have shared the information I gained on the path taking me ahead.

  7. I always was interested in Marketing. I was aware of the some of the marketing tools you brought up. Google Apps has been amazing for me! I will definitely check out Canva since I used to play around with Photoshop and GIMP when I was younger.

    1. Yes definitely give Canva a try you will love it, it’s such a time saver and you will get used to the functions pretty easily.

  8. Excellent list of resources and I use many of them. Just a word of caution about Alexa. I agree that it is fun (can become addictive!) checking to see how your site is doing compared to others in the world, but keep in mind that the numbers rely solely on Alexa bar users which is where the data comes from. Most professional marketers will tell you that it’s a good reference, but not an accurate indicator of your true traffic. But don’t take my word for it, if you decide to dig deeper just search a few articles and find out for yourself. Thanks for the interesting article!

  9. You’ve mentioned a few of my favorites here. I love Canva and use it quite often. I also like PicMonkey, but Canva truly has more options and I like that Canva saves your creations and lets you go back later and edit them further. I also love Evernote and use it for a lot of my planning of campaigns and projects. And of course, Google Analytics is amazing.It is great to see what is really going on with your website. I’ve never used Google Keyword Planner so I will check it out!

    1. Erica, Google Keyword Planner comes with Adwords it’s really helpful in creating your campaigns. Like it when I share favourites with people!

  10. This is a wonderful post. When I became an author, and had to market and promote my novel, I was lost. Items you mentioned will help with any small business marketing. I definitely will use some of these suggestions. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Wonderful tips, Sushmita. I still use a desktop calendar to keep me organized. I prefer it to the electronic ones. But I really agree with you as to the value of networking, whether it’s to move forward our marketing efforts or to expand our networks.

    1. Yes, dear networking helps in many ways and scheduling eases us with the working and takes us ahead where we are planning to move.

  12. I grapple with working smarter, not harder. It seems I have a built-in mechanism to make things difficult. I’m not into marketing anything these days, but I can see superb tips on your list. Thank you.

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