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The Must have Tools You’ll love to form Backbone of your Business!

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Hello fellas, how are you all? How have you been?

If you have been following my Page and me on FB around, you must have noticed from past two weeks I have started going Live via my page we have an amazing show #bizbuddiesshow

The first time when I went live via my page I talked about my favorite business tool. Well that time in a time span of 10 min since I was a part of a show I could speak of only one favorite tool, hence I pushed today’s scheduled article ahead and decided to share with you all my five most favorite Business tools.   


The Must have Tools You'll love to form Backbone of your Business! EFR-International


Have you ever realized, we all have a set of tools we love to use when working?

We can’t imagine working without them. These tools are needed to keep us working efficiently and then allow us to work on tasks with focus.

As a modern & a smart online entrepreneur, we all have access to some fantastic resources as well as tools; however, when it comes to basics there are few must haves.

In today’s post, I share some of those must have tools to run a Business




In the current online world those who are not available online, are bound to lose Business for many reasons.

First when it comes to going online, the most important is having a website. Since it’s your site’s home page online which forms the front door to your online world or can we say the outlet visited by would be Clients or your audience.

However, with websites do come other functionalities too, like when you are about to start, you need to purchase set up the host and start with the website keep track of your analytics and in coming time lunching add campaigns and much more.

Keeping the above in mind, Google has built the GSuite in order, to serve as a total range of functionality for businesses.

Here one can purchase a domain, set-up an email client, track analytics for their website, launch as well as manage the ad campaigns, plus much more with the apps in the GSuite, furthermore all of it for a little cost. 

It is said that they have kept all of one’s business needs centered around their branded domain and within the Google platform since it will give the ease of mind to associate everything is at one point and taken care instead of visiting n number of places for various things.

I haven’t tried Gsuite out yet, listed it on the list because I loved the idea of having Google related products under one group to ease things up.


Organization & scheduling


When it comes to the organization and managing schedule, I like to collaborate old and new worlds i.e. by using Trello & my Bullet Journal.

Well to be true, my Bullet journals are plain paper books or diaries where I like to make my weekly and daily lists to strike back the completed task (that’s because I have been doing this since my college days, so I am used to it) I tried using just Trello but it did not give the feel. Hence, I decided to collaborate the two.

Coming to Trello, it is one of the top team and task management platforms around and is loved by all and used by me as well.

Also. If you go and check the previous posts on my website whether it’s my post about site maintenance or the post by my Guest Blogger Ashley Schackow we recommend Trello.

This web-based tools has the ability to create various boards and cards, set due dates, add notes, etc. Trello allows structuring and keeping track of tasks to be as simple as possible. Offering a variety of plans, getting set up on Trello can be free for individuals and small teams and payment grows slowly depending on how fast you scale up the team size.

When working for everyone needs organization and Trello works really well when it comes to it. Especially if you are a visual thinker the visual boards on Trello will well connect with you. In fact, some even using deadline dates, colored labels, and discussion notes have made their routine and work collaborated schedule as well via Trello.

What are you waiting for, schedule your tasks and improve your productivity!


Google analytics

When it comes to a business, it’s all about numbers like for instance how much traffic does the website generate, what are they most interested in where does the majority of traffic come from, like region, age group etc.

All of the questions mentioned above play a vital role in every business, whether you may be new or old one need to keep a track and remodel your workflow and energies accordingly.

Hence, how can Google analytics not be one of the basic necessary tool needed?

It’s the analysis made via Google Analytics helps you understand the information and implement it towards better results than the present to grow as well as maximize your efforts.


Email Marketing

Even though one’s audience is impatient these days and they may try and connect with you via Facebook Messenger, yet for regular newsletters, and few other solutions email marketing is the thing.

Do you agree?

When it comes to Email Marketing, the leaders are Convertkit, Mailchimp & some use MailerLite.

Well, to be true for myself I use MailerLite while for my Clients I use Mailchimp.

While Mailerlite is free until 1000 subscribers, according to MailChimp’s latest update, it is free for all.

Like I did mention before, many online experts like to claim that email is dead or dying. It really isn’t. Email is still the most common tool for communication in business, and that’s not about to change. Just evolve and hence so must we too!

Like it’s always the landing pages, and the welcome mats which connect the users to us via their email Id isn’t it? Therefore I say, no need to give up on email marketing.

If you ask me, I’ll say ‘Email Rules’ a tool that offers scalability to seamlessly grow your business.



Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the term provided to practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and further.

For CRM I used to use Zoho CRM before trying the Hubspot CRM. Once I tried Hubspot CRM, I fell in love with it, first because it is a free CRM solution that promises to stay free forever. Isn’t it amazing?

Plus, next, it grants automation features that help one track the customer interactions. You can also create and follow sales-related tasks and get a good overview of your sales funnel at any given time in Hubspot CRM.

As Business owners we all need to improve our relations with our customers, that’s how you facilitate and enhance sales.

It’s simple without a CRM system; it’s difficult to focus on the customer!


These are my few of my favorites when it comes to working on your Business, what are your views and which are your favorite 5?
Do you want to know the next 5 off my List?🤔 Share your views in the comment section below!


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24 thoughts on “The Must have Tools You’ll love to form Backbone of your Business!

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Trello recently. I just started using Asana and that’s a very helpful tool for organization as well.

  2. I don’t have a designated CRM but definitely find all of these helpful in my blogging small business. Thank you for the roundup!

  3. Its a very informative cycle you explained about business. Well explained, my business missing this Crm factor. Thanks for this useful info

  4. Great post, Sushmita!

    I LOVE my website, mainly because I spent ages designing it. But scheduling is probably a life saver week to week. You can’t grow without it, it’s physically and time wise impossible.

    Thanks for sharing,


  5. Sushmita, Very informative, helpful post. I don’t have anyone here to help me learn new shortcuts and ways of doing things so having someone describe the tools available is a huge help. I’ve bookmarked this site and will check out these tools one at a time. Thanks.

  6. I love hubspot not just the CRM but the marketing automation as well. Instead of having hubspot, buffer or hootsuite & Mailchimp, I run it all through Hubspot. Since the CRM & the marketing talk to each other you get better data on what activities are actually driving customer conversion. They also do site analytics too, although I still cross reference with google. (I swear they don’t pay me, LOL< it's just what I use at work now after years of having everything fragmented.)

  7. I love using Evernote to plan organise all my blog posts and work content. I have different folders and tags that tell me where an article is at in the process, e.g. draft folder which is then moved to the published folder once it is published. It elps me keep track of everything and it syncs across all devices.

  8. Excellent tips and I agree with you and others here that email marketing is far from dead. I’ve never heard of either Convertkit or MailerLite. I’ve used Aweber since I began blogging 7 years ago and plan to stay with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. When I started out as an author, I had to start from squire one. I had to become proficient at using some of the software, websites you mentioned. Thanks for sharing, it really helps those starting out.

  10. Lots of great tools. I agree that Google Analytics is so valuable. I’m also dependent on Buffer for post scheduling, Evernote for keeping myself organized, and I do use Mailchimp as well. Mailchimp made some changes lately that make my newsletter pretty easy.

  11. Good suggestions, Sushmita. Just be careful with email marketing. Am personally sick and tired of getting emails I have never requested promoting everything under the sun. Even products only available in, say, the United States.

  12. Great tips! I agree that those tools are some of the most useful out there, I’ve been wanting to try using a bullet journal but unsure of how to start. Thank you for sharing these suggestions =)

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