Personal Branding Tips for Introverts you need to know!

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If being around lots of people drains your energy or you rather enjoy your solitude rather than socializing and sticking to your handful group of friends, then my dear there are strong chances of you being an introvert.

Though Introversion is a personality trait I think most people lie somewhere in the middle of the extroversion-introversion continuum.

In today’s time when it’s all about networking and connecting with others in the industry, it’s difficult for introverts to socialize and exhibit their brand to draw others towards themselves.


This is how your feel about it?

But do you know!

As per an article in 2015, in the Forbes magazine introverts are better at personal branding than extroverts.


Don’t be will tell you why.


Personal Branding Tips for Introverts


Something which is most important in personal branding is authenticity.


As far as I believe introverts cannot fake it. This makes it easier for them to focus on what really matters in personal branding i.e. authenticity.


Simply because it is all about representing yourself as and who you are you do not have to be something that you are not. People are interested or tend to be attracted to ones who are true and authentic rather than the ones who are more interested in bluffing. 

Do you agree?

Who would you rather have a conversation with?

When it comes to personal branding it’s not like branding a product where your aim is to reach the maximum audience, in the case of personal branding your aim is to reach the selected people from your industry.

William Arruda says Personal branding is not about being famous, it’s about being selectively famous.

I agree do you too?

I have said this many times it’s always wise to find a helpful mentor or trusted supervisor to help you succeed. This way you are not alone on the journey and have someone to look forward to.

Karen Leland, author of ‘The Brand Mapping Strategy’ and CEO of Sterling Marketing Group sums up Personal Branding this way:

“A strong personal brand goes beyond what’s seen and said on the surface to a deeply authentic expression of values, purpose, and contribution all that is backed up by action.” She also says that if you don’t create your own brand, someone else will!

Also if you find it difficult to start networking on a personal level or meeting new people, no worries in today’s digital world it is not much difficult. You can begin online and then go for the other.

Start creating personally branded content today and then you can build powerful connections with your audience by contemplating and sharing issues which are close to your heart by bringing your authentic point of view even from the privacy of your own home.

Isn’t it exciting!

Writing and blogging can help you articulate your ideas and thought leadership, without the need for face-to-face confrontation.

Once you become comfortable with sharing your views and thoughts it’s time to take the next step i.e. sharing video blogs or podcasts, this can help in getting your message out through video casting or podcasting your rich and thoughtful content which will help you connect with your audience further.

One must understand career success & building your personal brand doesn’t always have to be about loud, brassy showmanship or talking about yourself.

Once you have an audience even if is restricted to just five or ten first make a point to connect and engage with them via social media and grow the connection. While you are working on it, you won’t even realize but slowly your audience will grow as well.

Thanks to social media, network building is not exclusive to the real world anymore so start from online and go ahead with small steps taken one at a time.

Also, remember life is a journey where constantly we are learning, invest in yourself increase the knowledge you know so you can share with your audience it may be lessons learned or life experiences and also connect with others on their as well. Personal branding is most effective when acknowledging others and celebrating their strengths.

What say?

Once you get acquainted start with your colleagues or nearby people connect with them rather than trying to network with strangers.

This will help you understand your strengths and point out where you need to work on yourself like for example if when having a conversation your body language shows how uncomfortable you are or if you were jittery when having a conversation.

When you try this out you will not only understand yourself better but also mark your progress which in the end helps you in boosting your confidence. You cannot expect yourself all of a sudden to wake up and network at a networking event if you aren’t used to it.

Can you?

So, then develop and grow with a plan as that is what always works.

It’s difficult when you began bus as the day’s progress you will realize easier than it was yesterday.


Take a chance. There’s no better time than the present for making your mark.
Lastly, I will end with words borrowed by William Arruda
There is no-one-size-fits-all approach for personal branding. 
No matter where you are on the introversion/extroversion scale, your success lies at the intersection of what you do best and how you personally like to make things happen.
It’s about letting people know who you are!
What do you think?
How do you think you can increase or Build your Personal Brand as Introvert?
Share your views in the comments section below.
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25 thoughts on “Personal Branding Tips for Introverts you need to know!

  1. I am an introvert. I did not understand the term as a teenager or in my early twenties. I could not pinpoint why I did not like being in large groups or my need to have quiet time every night before bed. I understand myself far more now than ever before and I accept myself which was a long time coming.

    Despite being an introvert, I enjoy meeting, sharing and learning from others. I guess I need a balance – time with others and time alone. As your article states, I find it easy to be myself and authentic as I do not wear many hats as they say. I have the ability to succeed and fulfil my goals despite being an introvert.

    1. I do understand dear, it’s difficult to understand in the beginning why are we different from others. I might be an extrovert but alone time with myself is something even I cherish also I love to try and think from others point of view to try and understand the same. I hope I am at least slightly correct about it.

  2. As an Introvert I must tell you that I normally gloss over advice geared toward helping us “function” in the world, so I’m happy to give you credit for a well thought out article. Well done Sushmita!

    1. Thank you, Marquita, for receiving a thumbs up from someone who understands and experiences the same is good to know. Thank you for sharing, really appreciate it.

  3. Very interesting post. I didn’t know that introverts are considered to be more authentic in their Comm’ns. I am an extrovert and try to be as authentic as possible without offending anyone.

    1. Doreen, since they cannot fake it which extroverts can go ahead with easily, is the primary reason for introvert’s authenticity. Glad you liked the post, thank you for visiting like always 🙂

  4. Nice! I consider myself to be an introvert, but I come in and out of my shell. Sometimes I get exhausted with a lot of interaction, but as I do it more it gets a little easier. Social media and non-traditional networking has done wonders for introverts like me.

    1. Yes, Danielle, that’s wonderful that you come out of your shell coz that’s how we have met my friend. So glad to be connected with you let’s make wonders together 🙂

  5. Hi, Sushmita. I like the advice you give to introverts here. Connecting with the people you know first is a lot easier than engaging or networking with strangers. I particularly love the William Arruda quote.

  6. Great post Sushmita! As an introvert, I’ve always had trouble with making small talks and meeting new people. I agree that most introverts cannot ‘fake it’. The phrase “fake it till you make it” has always been lost on me as I hate acting like somebody else. I also agree that introverts prefer to communicate via the internet than face-to-face immediately. This way we get to test the water so to speak and there’s less pressure on our end. Thank you for sharing your tips on personal branding for introverts =)

    1. Rosary thank you dear, it feel good to know when your audience especially for the specific group you write about connect with your thoughts 🙂

  7. I go back and forth being being an introvert or an extrovert–totally based on the situation I’m in. The one thing that stays the same is that I am who I am. WYSIWYG. Simple. Hope that introverts take your article to heart.

  8. Sushmita if you are introvert you absolutely have to get in touch with my fellow manager of BHB, Patricia Weber. She is a recognized expert on introverts and have written books, been in television programs and so forth. Am sure the two of you would have a lot to talk about. Am personally extrovert but we Patricia and I really get along very well.

  9. I have noticed about the more attention given to us who are introverts. It seemed for so long, it was almost a bad word to even say. In the 1980’s with the aggressive go getting attitude, if you weren’t you were a failure to scared to take what was yours.
    I think the race cars of the 80’s have run out of gas, or had engine problems. It is the introvert turtle that seems to have overtaken them now. I just wrote that, and I think of Aesop’s Fables, and realized he might not of been talking about speed, compared to steady. He was addressing introverts, and extroverts. The arrogance of one, compared to the internal never give up attitude of the other.

    1. William now it is all about sharing my friend and it’s only because we want our Intovert friends too, to join us do people write about it

  10. It’s definitely important to note that introversion falls on a spectrum. We all have many traits, but some are always more predominate than others. I am on the introverted side, and am often told I come across as extremely authentic, so I must be doing something right when it comes to marketing to my strengths 😉

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