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Planning to start your Blog? Check Info you need to know!

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Are you Planning to start your own Blog?

If you like expressing yourself, blogging is for you!

You may say one can express yourself in many ways.

You are right! Blogging is not just one of them it helps you explore yourself. It is the one I love.

I started Blogging to promote my Companies website and fell in love with it. Today I write on many other websites other than my own. The journey has its ups and downs with the work you need to do and the lessons learned. But it is fun and I love it. 

Today I am sharing with you a review of a Book which will help you start your Blogging Journey with a Bang.


Staring a Blog?


Just like when you think of introducing a product to the market you do your homework and offer what is needed in the market, same is for blogging you discover your niche and write about it, share your knowledge and help answer questions by understanding your audience while working on growing it as well.

But Blogging is not just about writing. Once you start writing your Blog you need to market yourself as well as your Blog.

In fact, to be true, if you market well and write well about prompt subjects you can make money out of your dream.

Many are!

The steps when you are planning to go ahead with your Dream are

Learning digital marketing,

Figuring out how to run your social media,

Thinking about your ideal target,

Getting started with your blog.

It may seem exhausting, but one needs to hustle, being lazy will not help.

Andrea & Amanda from www. say, one can avoid unnecessary exertion energy and develops strategic action plans to achieve goals in their lovely book ‘The Lazy Girl’s Branding & Marketing Hackbook’

Today I am sharing a review of this lovely book so many can use it to achieve their Blogging goals.

One of the things I liked about the book is that it helps and provides information about how to start, what to focus on, so that one can have a crazy good and simple business plan ready in just 30 days’ time period.

What they are sharing is a step by step system which has been already been proven successful for hundreds of their Clients around the world.

The Complete handbook Include 5 guides or you can go for the specific topic you are interested in.



This guide is very helpful for building your base, it focuses on self-discovery to help you focus on what you love.   



Guide number 2 is all about building your brand once you know where to focus. The Brand building toolkit helps you power through the setup phase efficiently. When you complete the second guide you are well equipped to launch yourself 



Once you launch it is necessary to generate traffic and convert your leads to Clients.

The best part is here these lovely ladies share their 15 years’ experience to help newbies save time and understand the most effective ways to start their journey with.    



This guide all about brings the info from all the previous guides under on one. If I have to say it in their words it would be ‘Think of the earlier guides as your lecture courses and guide 4 as your final exam!’

I would say it is about ‘Practical’s’ like we have in college i.e. to put all of those earlier lessons into real-life action.

Now tell me who wouldn’t?



The last guide as its name suggests is a Bonus.

This focuses on ‘WHY’ rather than the ‘HOW’ answered in the guides before. In order to help you clear your blocks.


About the authors, Andrea Slodowicz and Amanda Taylor are the founders of Lazy Girl Co. Since their launch, they have worked with brands like Royal Caribbean, Startwood Hotels, Toyota, AT&T, Ulta, Coca-Cola, Sprint, Walgreens, Sears and Chase, among many others. And most of them on in their first year alone!

If you are interested in buying the Hackbooks you can Click here to buy the Complete HackBook or here to purchase single guides or you can use the above-mentioned information as a base to start or grow your Blog.



This post contains affiliate links when you click and make a purchase through one of these links provided, we make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The guides are the piece of valuable information which will help you build your blogging brand easily. If you want to go a journey of learning on your own you can google the keywords and get access to a large amount of information available. But if you are the kind who like to have the info under one roof & plan to complete the learning and understanding as soon as possible you can go for the hackbook.

Share your views in the comments section below, would love to know your option.
When Albert Einstein says ‘ The only source of Knowledge is Experience‘ why not go for it?


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58 thoughts on “Planning to start your Blog? Check Info you need to know!

  1. I agree with RoseMary! I have been blogging for over 7 years now but I still remember how lost I felt when I first began blogging in earnest. Thankfully I found a mentor and there is no doubt in my mind he saved me valuable time and money helping me get started. Obviously since I’m still going strong I do love this business, especially the great people you meet.

    1. Mentors are valuable and they help us in reaching what we aim for by guiding the path to follow.
      It’s glad to connect with you lovely bloggers too 🙂

  2. What a great guide. I am sure reading such a book will help to steer a potential blogger on the right road. There is a mass of information on blogging, how to make money, how to build up traffic and it can become overwhelming.

    I felt the urge to start a blog over two years ago. I had little in the way of content or experience and needed to develop my writing but I took the plunge. I love to write and look forward to posting my blog each week.

    1. Same here Phoenicia, I have fallen in love with writing too! Just can’t be without it anymore. Hence shared what helped me.

  3. Thank you for the guides, I am sure that they will become useful for me. While I am a content creator for Odyssey, I may want to break away in the near future to build a blog on WordPress

  4. Great resources! I wish I had got into monetizing my blog way back when I first started blogging, but there was really not so much information out there like there is now. Now I just got to work a little harder to see any money coming in. But I’m still passionate about blogging and that’s all that matters.

    1. Katariina, it’s better late than never late. Hope you have got to it by now. It’s good to know you liked the resources mentioned.

  5. So much goes in to blogging. I teach specifically about branding + building your blog or website but I think that’s only the beginning. These guides are great to have because marketing is what propels your brand forward and gets it in front of people. Great article!

  6. The guide sounds very handy! I know when I started blogging I just kind of ‘did’ it, without realising all the ins and outs of things like social media or having an ‘ideal target’. Only just starting to do that now after 3 months, but this guide would have been handy to have at the start. Great job on sharing it for other new bloggers out there!

    1. Yes, that’s right. That is the reason for sharing what can help other. Thank you for sharing your views appreciate it 🙂

    1. Thank you Flavia for sharing your views, glad you found it useful hope you keep visiting and sharing your views.

  7. Glad you found a guide book for blogging. When I started 8 years ago I was lost in the beginning. Not least when it came to handle Couldn’t even get into the dashboard. And then had to change theme and so forth. But once you figure it out it’s easy.

    1. In the beginning, I felt it was easy to lose yourself when you are on the journey of exploring. That’s when guides like these help on from getting off track. Thank you for sharing your thoughts dear appreciate it!

  8. I just started my new blog and I am still learning, I am glad I came across your post. It’s good to come back once in a while to see how things work out. Thank you.


    1. Experiences make us wise in the coming time. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jeri. It will help many to keep going on!

  9. Very good resume! The article is simple and easy to understand. You gave us good ideas to improve our blog. I think that the secret to success is blogging about your passion. Regards 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree you never know what across the net can strike through or make an impact on you. Thanks for sharing your views

  10. I’m sure the blogging essentials book would be very helpful to those wanting to start a blog. I kind of just fell into starting a blog. It wasn’t something I ever though I would do or aspired for. But it seemed to be effective for growing my business. I think a lot of people though would like to blog and don’t know where to start. And so it is always valuable to have some guidance to help you take the first steps.

  11. Blogging is not so easy, that many people think. I know that, becouse when i get started, my posts were very bad, now I am glad of them, but it took me many hours to write a post. I don’t know the book which you offer, but I think, that it can be very helpfull for all of these people, who want start they journey with blogging 🙂

    1. The starts are slow and at times frustrating my dear, but as you go ahead and improvise you start loving it 🙂

  12. In short, the zest information is clearly stated on start blogging. Sushmita, can you write and publish a new article on ‘Maintaining A Blog Site?’ I expect, my knowledge level will be increased.

  13. Oh, this indeed a timely alert.Everyone on the net is trying there hand on this wonderful option, though it’s a good idea to try everything, but many fails. I fully agree with you in these aspects you shared here.I am sure these are very valuable points to make note of before attempting for one such post.
    Keep Sharing.

    1. Glad you agree, I believe failure is the stepping stone to success. It’s not just about the saying it’s about understanding and learning on every stage. Thank you for visiting.

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