Practical Ways to Clarify Your Niche

Practical Ways to Clarify Your Niche

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Is your website practical for readers to understand clearly, navigate easily and contain content that will make them come back?

Managing your website/blog is no small task. After all the hopes and dreams you pour into your site, you’ll want it to be useful and appealing to your readers. When a site has a particular niche for people to understand, there is a higher chance that they will return, which will benefit the growth of your business/blog.


Answer the Questions Everyone Is Asking

Your website is your first, and maybe only, impression to potential clients/subscribers. The moment someone lands on your site three questions must be answered:

1 – Who are you?
2 – What do you do?
3 – How do you help me?

These are the immediate questions someone asks when on a new site. If you don’t answer these questions within seconds, the visitor will simply backspace out and find someone else who will. To prevent people leaving your site too soon, here are three ways to answer these three questions.

First, on your landing page/home page, there needs to be a photo of you with a quick explanation of what you do.

Examples: Every-Tuesday, Melissa GriffinPassive Income for Designers 

Website Examples Website Examples

Website Examples

Second, include an image of yourself with a clear and straightforward description at the top of your sidebar. What you write as your short description is necessary! You must answers all three questions very briefly. Don’t include irrelevant information that no one would ask when they first get to your website.

Bad Example:
Hello. I’m Martha Jane.
My zodiac sign is Virgo.
I love coffee, cats, and board games. (50 emojis)
I blog about travel.
Subscribe to my newsletter. lol

A Better Example:
Hello. I’m Martha Jane.
I am a journalist, and I teach adventurous people how to travel on a budget.

This is my example that I have currently on my website:

Website Examples

Thirdly, have a straight forward About page. Start your About details by answering the three questions, and explain why it’s important to you and how it can benefit the readers. If you want to include more information about yourself, do so in separate paragraphs with proper titles.

As an example, if you would like to explain why you adopted 14 cats, but that story doesn’t relate to your blog/business, title the paragraph something like, “My Furry Family” and then explain. Breaking up details about yourself allows the readers to scan through the website quickly which results in a better user experience.

Realize that People are Lazy!

It’s no secret that people have wants and they want it NOW. No one is going to spend as much time on your website as you. Therefore, your site needs to be so straight forward that people seriously don’t need to think about what you offer.

How to counteract people’s laziness is what Steve Krug preaches from his book, “Don’t Make me Think. (make the title a link to the book” With his mild sense of humor, he explains all the ways people can easily get confused, and as a result, will leave your site. This book is very digestible for people who are not very technical with computers and websites.

Common Inconveniences

Here is a list of the main ways people will get confused and leave your site… and never return.

* They don’t understand the purpose of the website
* The topics of the articles are too general
* Articles blab and don’t solve a problem
* Links and buttons are not named efficiently
* If you have a download button, call it a download button. I understand that you want to be fun, new, and cute, but if your reader doesn’t get it, then you just lost your opportunity.


Download vs. You Know You Want It!

* Images are too big and slows down loading time. Check out this article to learn how to save your photos.
* Ugly Images – I suggest using to make better-looking images!

I hope this helps you integrate practical ways you can clarify your niche on your website. Remember less is more, explain who you are, focus on providing content that people are looking for and keep your navigation straight forward.

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27 thoughts on “Practical Ways to Clarify Your Niche

  1. Great suggestions.

    I’m revamping my site right now, and will keep these in mind! My niche skewed slightly after I started the blog, and I’m still scrambling to describe it precisely!

    1. Hey, Anne! That’s completely understandable! It took me a long time to figure out what my niche would be. At first I was blogging about heath, fitness, recipes, design, and hand lettering. lol It was a little too much. I’m still working on my niche, so don’t worry. It takes time to figure out what your focus, and it will always continue to develop. That’s the beauty of blogging in a way.

      Have fun!

  2. Thank you for this! I need to do more with my About Me page, that’s for sure. I don’t think I’ve changed it in a few years.

  3. I think a lot of people struggle to make their niche obvious when you visit their site. This is really helpful. I have actually taken a few of Melyssa Griffin’s courses and that helped me a lot to clarify my niche. 🙂

  4. This is so handy! I know that having a niche isn’t exactly /necessary/ but it definitely helps. The best thing I ever learned was that people are lazy. There’s not much point waffling on because most of the time, people will just skim through for the information they want. Super informative post. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  5. Nice guidelines for clarifying one’s niche…before deciding on anything on my blog, I try to go by the ‘lazy people’ formula 🙂

  6. Really helpful guidelines for any blogger.After all blog is like the gate of opportunities.I like that you mentioned here about bad profile idea.I’ve seen many bloggers share such profiles including their cats and dogs.But if you want to have a professional blog or income stream,these are the things to avoid. 🙂

  7. I really need to think about compressing my images for use on the blog I know. I don’t think about it too often and I really don’t want it to slow down the loading speed. And I get that you need to focus on your niche. I guess I might need to take some time off the blog to narrow some things down. But I have generated a bit of a following so I need to at least keep posting a couple times a week. This just reminds me of how much I need to do.

  8. I agree with Steve Krug that “Don’t Make me Think” I love your tips and analysis too in crafting a good About me page.

  9. You’ve shared some really great tips here. I have to focus on my about page and other secondary pages on my site!

    Pri | Paint The Town Chic

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