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Sharing the Lessons, I learned in the past few years!

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To be true, I had never thought that someday I would be a blogger!

Writing my daily journals to sharing my posts has been a crazy journey. A journey which I am loving to take ahead.

I have been working since 2010, though the exposure to workspaces began when was pursuing my engineering as we used to go ahead with internships after every 6 months.

From then to today my even if have a look at my daily schedule there is a lot of difference just like C.S. Lewis had once quoted

                ‘Isn’t it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.’

The journey isn’t like a sweet fairy tale though there were also many late nights (which still continue), tears to dry, walks around the block to try and clear my head, dead ends where was difficult to find ways ahead but that’s show it is. Isn’t it?

It’s these late nights, roadblocks which not only test us but also help us.

Don’t you agree?

I believe without struggle there is no strength.

Do you?

The year 2016 is about to end since 2016 is the marked year when I started blogging and exploring my writing, I decided to begin the ending of the year with 5 lessons I have learned. Who knows that might help one learn from my experience!

Like we say sharing is caring!


Sharing the Lessons, I learned in the past few years!


Learning from your mistakes

Building a successful business is typically done by trial and error, with many hurdles along the way. And when you are working with startups and also yours was one too, you are used to exposed to people making mistakes and learning something new from them.

Like when I started I had done few mistakes too, and owning up to them is a part of the lesson learned.

As when you own them is when you can work to rectify them.

I strongly believe one cannot be perfect, one makes mistakes at some point or the other which can help to build character and to make themselves a better, more rounded individual. Make sure to look back on these mistakes and learn from them.


Don’t wait for the right time

Are you waiting for the right time to come in order to start what you want?


You expect the right time to come?

Haven’t we all heard a quote

                                ‘Time & Tide wait for none’

Then too why do we have people waiting for the right time to come?

Have you ever thought what will happen if you decide to wait for the right time which may or may not never arrive?

When I changed my career direction many suggested me to take what I was been offered and then wait for the right time to do what I was aiming for. Today I can say one thing for sure I may not be where my dream is to be but each day I am taking steps ahead. So must you!

Always remember there’s huge power in taking action now.


Patience and flexibility help you survive the lean times.

Life is tough. Life as an entrepreneur is tougher.

When you start working on your plans they may not always work as you have expected them to. When things do not turn out the way expected or estimated I have seen many lose their patience and succumb.

But rather, that is the time when one must be patient and work out what went wrong finding the counter is difficult but if you really want to do it you will find it.

Like have you ever seen software engineers many times it so happens they write the code correctly as per the requirement but when the code is checked if it is working it provided an error. Then they need to find the mistake in the perfect looking code, it is like finding the needle in the stack of hay but they never give up.

Same way it must go for you!


Hard work will always outweigh talent.

The number-one lesson I’ve learned in my lifetime is that nothing beats hard work. Talent can take one ahead only till a certain limit. 

Hard work outweighs talent and intelligence and is necessary if you want to succeed. If talent and hard work, go hand in hand it provides better results it is all about hard work and perseverance.

This not only means working hard when things are going well, but working harder when things are not. It means taking calculated risks and sticking to them, no matter how challenging they are.

Because just “having” talent isn’t enough. One needs to apply the right talent in a right way in whatever they do and applying our talents always require us to do work hard.

Talent may give one a head start, but hard work is what makes you finish the race.


Nothing is important as your health.

Never sacrifice your health for anything, not even success. Nothing is as important as your health and nothing ever will be. 

This I can say because I have personally experienced what happens when you neglect your health.

It took 4 months of utter bed rest and wheelchair commute to realize the importance of your health, what I went through shook me off, it was a fight but patience and not losing hope is what helped me overcome and get back on my feet.

I would never want anyone to learn this lesson the hard way.

That’s why fellas take care!


What lessons have you learned?
Would you like to share some in the comments section below?
Lastly, Wishing you all Happy Holidays!
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42 thoughts on “Sharing the Lessons, I learned in the past few years!

  1. Sushmita, your 5 lessons were right on and I think many of us have learned those lessons. One thing I would like to add: In addition to not ignoring your health, make time for and cherish the people you love. Never take them for granted or the success you gain in the business world may result in great personal loss. I had to be reminded of that from time to time when my work seemed to take over my life.

    I love the C.S.Lewis quote: ‘Isn’t it funny that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.’

    Looking forward to more of your posts in 2017.

    1. Yes, Lenie you have pointed out the correct point how could I miss it?
      Thank you, dear glad you shared it coz I genuinely believe in it and one must cherish their family and loved ones.

  2. Awesome! Learning experience does give you the conditioning you need to endure the tough times. A good friend and I were just discussing this. She can’t find an experienced person to give her advice about her business. I figured maybe it’s just her time to learn from experience.

    Glad you’re doing better, and you’re right. Nothing is more important than staying healthy. Everything else relies on that.

    Nice work. Take care.

    1. Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your views, I hope your friend finds a mentor to help her as well as inspire her to reach her goals.

  3. Those five lessons are definitely super important. But maybe the most important lesson of all is that the most essential charachteristics of a human being is determination and perseverance. Without those qualities a human being is less likely to succeed with anything. Hard work, education, learing from your mistakes and so forth is not as important as those two charachteristics. Just remember that you have to be determined and persevere no matter how terrible what happens to you is and if faith hits you in the head on a continuous basis. If you have those two qualities you can, and will, handle anything.

  4. Shushmita — wonderful post and I was nodding my head “yes” at everyone of your lessons. As John F. Kennedy famously said, “Life is unfair.” You won’t always succeed at first but you’ve got to keep trying. It’s also important to know when to change course. If something isn’t working, then try another way. I think that’s a mistake that many entrepreneurs make. They won’t admit that their strategy isn’t working because that might imply failure. Flexibility is essential.

    1. Yes Jeannette, you are right, sometimes entrepreneurs do not admit their mistakes whereas it necessary to coz that will help them reframe the technique or strategy to sucess.

  5. I agree with all of your points Sushmita, especially your emphasis on hard work. Have you ever read the book Talent Is Overrated? Great read and I think you’d enjoy it. Happy Holidays!

  6. Sush whatever you Said about the 5 lessons is true and after reading that I realised that even I was waiting for the right time to come.But now will never wait for that n struggle to make it perfect n to get achievement and yeah thanks a lot your blogs keeps me motivating.And also I wish u a good luck n keep motivating us with your blogs.

    1. That’s good to know Danish but before you jump into it just remember to evaluate the risk involved.
      Hope you will keep on visiting and getting motivated!
      See you in 2017

  7. What a great post, Sushmita. I love the CS Lewis quote–that’s a wonderful perspective. And I’m “glad” (what a word to use here) that you have learned young to put your health first. It’s a critical way to make sure you can go forward enjoying life. I wish for you a banner year in 2017 and am glad to call you my friend!

  8. Everything you stated is right, life is tough, there are roadblocks you must navigate.
    I often say this quote about this topic. It is from the grandmother from the movie “Parenthood”.
    “You know, when I was nineteen, Grandpa took me on a roller coaster… I always wanted to go again. You know, it was just so interesting to me that a ride could make me so frightened, so scared, so sick, so excited, and so thrilled all together! Some didn’t like it. They went on the merry-go-round. That just goes around. Nothing. I like the roller coaster. You get more out of it”

    When it is all said and done, make sure you get the most out of life.

    1. William, that was the quote I used in my high school year book! I haven’t seen that quote in forever but I still love it. Thanks for reminding me about it!

  9. Great article Sushmita!

    2016 has been an eventful year for me. I have learnt, grown in faith and cried in the hard times.

    Your point in there never being a “right” time is true. You have to first take a step and deal with the opportunities and challenges as they arise.

    I recall reading a quote by Will Smith on hard work out winning talent. It encouraged me and reminded me that talent only takes you so far but comittment and determination will take you all the way.

    Good on you for starting a blog. I hope it continues to flourish.

  10. I can’t believe the challenges that you’ve been through with your health. It is funny that we start to feel like we really know each other as bloggers, but it is so amazing to hear peoples’ stories and what the struggles they’ve been through. I’m glad you’re doing better now. And I’m glad you became a blogger this year!

    You offer some great advice from the lessons life has taught you. Some that was very good to hear from where I am right now. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year dear!
      Yes, it’s been amazing connecting with you all lovely people and bloggers.
      It is good to know my shared words make sense and are great advice. Thank you for sharing your views.

  11. I also honestly wasn’t expecting to be a blogger, but thanks to my aunt I was able to become one because she was the one who encouraged me to do so. Being a blogger really has a lot of perks like venting out my stress and as well as my adventures in life.

    -A Piece To My Soul

    1. Thank you Mariel for sharing your story love it when readers have something to share. Keep visiting and sharing 🙂

  12. Another fantastic article. So inspirational. I agree that you mustn’t wait for right time for things to happen and just make them happen.

  13. I agree that struggle makes us stronger! I’ve never tried to launch my own business, but struggle in the writing word has it’s own set of struggles, and personal struggles beyond that absolutely help us grow and learn, which is the key to everything.

    1. Yes, that’s right we all have our own struggles in life when and they help us become stronger & learn from them to be better. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Katie, it’s true life as an entrepreneur is crazy I would like to add to it. It is a fun journey of discovery as well where we work on our dreams. Thank you for visiting and sharing your views!

    1. Thank you Omniya, it’s the appreciation received which helps & motivates us to write more. Glad you liked it!
      Keep visiting.

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