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Sharing, Ultimate Money Management Tips from Experts!

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Last week I shared few basics of money management.
But are the basics enough?
We all have our own unique ways to handle and manage.
Hence you don’t need to limit yourself to one piece of advice in the quest for financial success.
Previously, I have said one must consult experts for financial advice.

Hence this week I share the best money tips for money management from the experts. Implement them today for you’re investing, trading, saving, and planning.

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Here it is, check it out a few of my favorite finance feeds!
Stop playing the victim.
– Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most well-known names in personal finance largely due to the success of his best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” He wrote that workers won’t get rich toiling away at a conventional nine-to-five job.
Here in India the public shows themselves as the victim of the job market as well as the government, but I connect with what Robert Kiyosaki has said

“Don’t wait for the government, a financial advisor or your boss to take care of you,” he said. “You must take control of your finances. You must get financially educated. Take responsibility for your life and your future.”

That’s how I started!
Stop waiting to be an expert! Just start saving and investing now.
– Mandi Woodruff
Through in-depth investigative features on industries such as payday lending and for-profit higher education to her smart and her witty weekly video series “The Payoff”, Mandi has distinguished herself as a tireless consumer advocate and a leading millennial voice. She is the executive editor of MagnifyMoney.
She says ‘Saving is something you’ll eventually have to do, so why not start now?’
Start putting some money aside, regardless of the amount. You never know when you’re going to need to dip into those savings.
Like I said what matters is you sharted.
Thrift Trumps Faith
– Tom Brakke


Tom Brakke is a consultant, writer and investment adviser who specializes in the analysis of investment decision making and the communication of investment ideas.
He has said one must concentrate more on saving than investing. It’s a lot easier to save your way into a secure future than to invest your way there.
As per Tom, both are important, but thrift trumps faith (in investment returns) as a foundation for your plans.
Invest in yourself.
– Farnoosh Torabi
Farnoosh Torabi is an Iranian-American journalist, author, television personality, and personal finance expert.

She currently hosts the CNBC primetime series ‘Follow The Leader’ and in April 2016 it was announced that Farnoosh would become the new financial columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine, where she contributes a monthly column to the publication.
When it comes to personal finance, one of your greatest assets is making sure you invest wisely.
She says:

‘You don’t need to be wealthy to invest, but you need to invest to be wealthy.’

Investing when you’re young and for the long haul is more fruitful than letting it sit in a plain vanilla savings account.
Grow your personal brand.
– Josh Felber
Josh Felber, a serial entrepreneur and high performance coach, focuses on helping people design, develop and deliver their passion and expertise to the world so they can have the time, freedom and lifestyle they want. He has co-authored two best-selling books, one with Brian Tracy and another with Steve Forbes.
Josh Felber, who is one of the leading entrepreneurs and business success coaches, recommends making your brand omnipresent, whether you’re a business owner or individual.

“Can you imagine how much financial success you would have if you, your brand and your company could be everywhere all the time?” he asks. “A great example is Donald Trump or Mark Cuban. You may or may not like them, but you know who they are and they both dominate their perspective areas.”

These are the tips I have been following related to finance and money management.
If you’d like to find more success with your money, there’s no time like the present. Make the coming years, take control, set goals and change your financial life for the better.
In total, I shared 05 tips about how you can run your financial life in the article.
Let me know what you think! 
What would be your Personal Favourites? 
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28 thoughts on “Sharing, Ultimate Money Management Tips from Experts!

  1. Hi Sushmita,

    Love Robert Kiyosaki’s advice! Most of my life I played the victim in all things money. Even when I became more comfy financially. Because I depended solely on people or conditions for my supply. Now I focus on a Higher Power to handle that stuff and don’t look outward for prosperity. I look in, and simply do not play the victim anymore. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Ryan, as one has said ‘You cannot Correct your Mistakes,by pointing out your Mistakes to others!’ It’s good to know you are aware of where you were lacking and have taken command over it. Hope this will inspire others to take command. Wish you the best for your coming times! Keep visiting and sharing your views.

    1. Doreen it’s good to know you found the post useful, highly apprecaite it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views!

  2. You have certainly done your research.

    In my eyes saving are an absolute must, regardless of how little. I do not believe anyone on this earth has ever saved in vain. There will always be new purchases and better to have planned for them than be caught short. We are unaware of what the future holds and even if we do not benefit from the money personally, our children or other family members will.

    1. So true Phoenicia, your comment reminded me of a Quote from Robert Kiyosaki “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”

  3. I’ve heard that spending comes naturally to some people and saving, to others. I don’t know if it is true or not, but I am a naturally thrifty kind of person, who abhors paying interest on anything if it can at all be helped. I don’t have a lot, but certainly enough, and putting money aside has become a habit. It’s great for things that arise that I want to do and they’re “costly.” For instance, last January I wanted to go on an outreach project to Tanzania and could say yes, without hesitation as regards cost.

    1. That’s great Ramona you are working it out fine! Hope the best for you and hople you will share your coming results with us in the future too!

  4. The way the world economy looks at the moment I like the advice “Invest in yourself” not least since many experts believe the world economy will collapse again. Housing is in many parts of the world not the fantastic investment it used to be and negative interest rates is another complication. Sigh, that’s what the world has come to thanks to Milton Friedman’s version of economics. Until politicians on a global scale stop implementing that form of economics the world is rigged to favour the top 1%, unfortunately.

  5. All of this advice sounds smart, but I especially like “Stop waiting to be an expert! Just start saving and investing now.” Most people have a tendency to wait until they are comfortable with a thing, but more often than not, you have to actually experience something to figure out what’s right for you. Thanks!

    1. Yes, it’s all about taking the first step and then rest the puzzle starts solving! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

  6. I know I need to save more, and I do have a vested retirement fund I paid into for six years as a teacher. However, many people save for retirements at the sake of doing more in the present moment. I plan to drastically reduce my living expenses as I age, and probably also live in an RV so I can travel. I’ve also considered teaching English as a second language. I guess I need to keep those plans in mind as I save. I have a friend who has paid off his house in just a few years. When he retires, he will be able to travel, live lightly, and use the rental income from the property to supply a reliable income.

    1. Jeri, your plans are good and if you work them out well like your friend you can land up living the way you have planned! Let’s hope the best 🙂 and keep us posted to inspire others!

  7. I also like this one the most: “Stop waiting to be an expert! Just start saving and investing now.” Sounds so easy, but in reality so difficult to realize. Hopefully, next year I will learn to manage money more responsibly and indeed just start saving and investing

    1. Yes, it’s difficult to execute but life is not meant to be easy so we must even if we start with less take the first step towards what we want and then try to get it! Hopefully, you will begin as soon as possible! Keep us all posted!

  8. Great tips. My favorite tip is to start investing early and invest for a long time. It’s important to also keep track of where you are investing. It’s good to review your retirement investment accounts at least once a year to make sure you are on track for retirement.

    1. Starting early gives more time frame in hand which makes a difference in the long run, also when we keep track of what we are planning and its execution it leads to well defined results. Glad you liked it!

  9. I like that you presented tips from experts. Many people think they do not need assistance in finances, if that was true we would not need experts, and we all would be rich.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Yes, William we all need experts we never know it all! Glad you agree, Thanks for sharing your views Appreciate it!

  10. I’m very lucky that I was raised with thrifty parents who taught us about spending money and saving it. I think the biggest thing is to find a balance between saving for the future and spending in the present. I, too, like the quote: don’t wait to be an expert.
    Oh yeah, just start saving!

  11. Those are all good advice. Many of us don’t like to think about money. In the US, many students come out of school so in debt that they just assume they’ll always be in debt. And because they are doing fine being in debt now, they figure they’ll just manage that way. But starting saving and investing young can be so valuable and you can totally change your own financial situation.

    1. It’s a matter ok educating them or if students have influencers who are managing life debt free it will help them take the same path too!

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