How Social Media Groups Can Give a Boost to Your Business

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Social Media has become one of the most beneficial ways of promoting your business.  It’s hard to see how anyone who’s serious about business can do without it.  Instead of just making a post and seeing what it leads to, one of the best ways to get results is by using social media groups.  There are several ways social media groups help grow your business.

Grow your following

Social Media groups are a great way to grow your following on all platforms.  Most groups have different activities on different days to encourage liking and sharing on social media.  You might wonder how this helps if we all have a common goal.  Well, not all our goals are exactly alike and neither are our niches.

You’ll come across other bloggers and entrepreneurs who are genuinely interested in what you’re doing.  Since everyone in the group is on a different level, each person’s influence helps the other grow.  I’ve doubled my following on most social media platforms since joining social media groups in January.

It also encourages more interaction on social media, which gains more attention and more followers.  Most people know that each platform has algorithms.  They are set up to give more exposure to posts with the best quality and the most influence.  The more interaction you have and the more people who react to your post, the more exposure it will receive, which will increase your following.

Hint: Word is that Pinterest Board groups are a great way to build a following and traffic.  I’ve recently joined a few and I must agree.  It exposes your pins to multiple people at once and they’re able to share them too!  The more shares, the more exposure 😉



Increase collaboration opportunities

After joining groups, you’ll begin to build relationships and come across other entrepreneurs who want to work with you.  Just like days where the group facilitator encourages following, liking, and sharing on social media, there are days when they encourage working together.  You can also reach out to group members on your own to ask about collaborations.

Working together could be in the form of:

  • guest posting
  • interviewing
  • being a guest on a Podcast
  • joining a group more specific to your niche
  • participating in a roundup
  • finding a business partner
  • becoming an affiliate
  • joining a Pinterest Board group
  • joining an Instagram Pod
  • product reviews
  • finding staff for your business


Gain advice from more experienced entrepreneurs

When you need business advice, you can spend hours combing through content or you can ask someone with experience.  I’ve spent countless hours researching online trying to figure out problems or find the best way to do something for my website.  While I still try to learn something new every day, I save so much time by being able to ask questions directly to the group.

Most group owners don’t mind when you pop in to ask a question, and they’ll even respond with their own advice. When you have a connection with a group, it’s likely that other members have already experienced what you’re going through.  I’ve seen questions related to affiliate marketing, email newsletter companies, web hosting, when is the best time to start monetizing your website, how to build traffic, what design software to use, who to hire for different tasks, etc.


Get motivation and inspiration from fellow business owners

As business owners, we experience ups and downs.  I have moments, and sometimes days, of writer’s block.  The ideas and words just don’t seem to flow like they should.  I have days where I’m discouraged about my business or disappointed about the results I’m getting.  We all have those days.  On a more positive note, we all have days where we feel like we’ve won and just want to share it with someone who understands and will be happy for us.

Social media groups are there for all these circumstances.  Your peers will be there to encourage you and tell you not to give up.  They’ll share their own posts and strategies to inspire you.  They’ll share their wins that make you happy for them and anticipate your own.  Group members will also be there cheering you on when you share your wins.  If that’s not motivation and inspiration, I don’t know what is!


Make new friends

Making friends is a perk to joining social media groups.  You may not see a direct impact to your business, but it surely does give ease to the journey.  I’ve made so many connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.  I’ve made bonds with females that I didn’t have before.  In fact, EFR International owner, Sushmita and I met through a group.  We learned about the many things we have in common and have become very good friends since then.


What to do after joining social media groups

If you’re not at the stage of hiring someone to manage your social media activities, here are some tips to be efficient in social media groups:



Don’t go posting links all willy-nilly.  Some groups are more relaxed and okay with that.  Others have their own structure and flow.  There are even some who will give you a public shaming for not abiding by their loooong list of rules.  To be on the safe side, read and familiarize yourself with the flow of things as soon as you join.

Stick to a schedule

As business owners, we can’t allow social media activities to consume our entire day.  That’s where planning comes in.  I try to start and end my day with social media tasks (posting, responding, group interaction, instant messaging).  I used to set my clock to give myself a certain amount of time, but now I’m not so strict.

Try connect with people in your niche

That doesn’t mean shut everyone else out.  It simply means make time to connect with those who can relate to your business and interests.  Those connections turn into collaborations.  Collaborations are what allows you to help each other grow and take your businesses to another level.

Have your goal in mind when joining groups

Your main objective could be to monetize, build traffic, collaborate, learn, or a combination of these goals.  Whatever it is, keep that in mind when selecting the best group to join.  It’s not about the number of members all the time.  Sometimes you can build and grow with the group, and sometimes less is more.  Larger groups can get overcrowded and you’ll find your posts lost in the shuffle.

Don’t be selfish

We’re all trying to reach a goal, and we can do it better together.  DON’T just pop in when it’s time to share links to your social media account or blog post.  DO follow back, read posts and comment, like, share, encourage your peers, give good advice, congratulate, contribute a guest post on a topic you like or have experience with.  Help each other however you can.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Everyone has a group that they want you to be a part of, and it’s just not possible to do them all.  I have a certain number of groups that I stick to.  If I want to join a new one, I must get rid of one.  There are some groups that I’ve tried and have left because I didn’t find value or didn’t see myself as a good fit.  It’s okay to leave a group that isn’t working for you. You also don’t have to be active in every group daily.

Don’t give up!

Keep asking for what you need.  It’s common to get discouraged or make assumptions about your results, but do your best to break this habit.  The first time I posted in a group that I was looking for guest bloggers, I didn’t get a response.  It probably took me asking a couple of times before I started getting guest bloggers, and now it’s becoming consistent.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the groups available, create it.  Start your own Facebook Group, Instagram Pod, Pinterest Board Group, or even a LinkedIn Group.


Here are some of the groups I’ve found useful for business:

Facebook Groups

GirlBoss Bloggers

Uncork Your Dork

The Taste Team Group
This group was started by yours truly for travelers and foodies to contribute to The Taste Team and gain some exposure.  The group is where The Taste Team’s guest bloggers and contributors connect and share each other’s content.  Members can also share travel, food, and entertainment content from their own websites and blogs!

Food and Travel Bloggers


Tipmytip travel experts


Global Professionals Network
Sushmita Thakare Jain and Pankaj Pandey partnered to start this group, and its growing fast!  Here is where professionals from all over the world can go to encourage, inspire, and help each other reach career and life goals.

Millionaire Minds

Work from Home

Real Ways To Earn Chat Group
Anna Thurman is the creator of this group for sharing work from home job leads.  It’s very helpful for filtering out the good work from home jobs from the garbage and scams.  Anna even offers job posting for businesses on her website.

Pinterest Board Groups

GirlBoss Bloggers (currently not accepting new members until further notice)

Blog Promotion Group Board

Boss Babes Blog

Blog Support Group

Traveling Foodies Group

LinkedIn Groups

TravelTalk – Travel Blogger Network

Online Travel and Tourism

Food and Travel Writers

Social Media in Travel

Bloggers Helping Bloggers – BHB

The following aren’t groups, but they are communities that you might find beneficial.  With these, you’re able to be more concentrated with your interests and niches.


Fearless Little


I know I’ve given you a lot to do, but I promise you it’s worth it.  Now, I want to know your thoughts.  What’s your experience been with social media groups?  If you’re not a member of a group, do you feel inspired to join one now that you’ve learned more about them?

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  1. What a great list of groups you provided there! I totally agree with not joining too many groups. I made that mistake and ended up being a really poor contributor because I just couldn’t keep up with all that was happening in, like, the 50 different groups I was in. Now I’m just in 6-8 groups that I really find a lot of value in and focus on those. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the tips, I really liked the one about not being selfish. I stand 100% behind you on this one, we should give first, without expecting something in return. If we do the right thing, the right thing will come eventually 😉

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