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Valuable Attributes in spotlight for Start Ups!

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As we all are well aware today markets are going through a Startup revolution, however starting up has its own risks.

In order, to take your Business to market with its own share of risks first you need to have a successful team which is motivated enough.

If you are in for a Starting here is a dummy’s guide to starting a successful start-up.

Valuable Attributes in spotlight for Start Ups!

Start with an Idea:

If you are thinking of starting a business, you first need to come up with a realistic idea you can turn into a product or service.

I was in your shoes when I completed my education, had the drive to start up on my own.
You need to check if you are fulfilling a need in the market?
Like for example, Uber provided us with rides filling one of our needs.

Over 3,500 startups were founded in 2015 in India, as per a study by Tracxn. About US$7 billion was poured into the new ventures by investment firms as India’s startup sector continues to be the hottest bet on the planet.

Thousands of internet entrepreneurs are being minted in India every year. However, only a few have stood out with their startups. Many of those are on the way to achieving unicorn status.



Problem Identification If any

When working out its essential to identify if any pain-point exists or may have a possibility
The reason being the rate of failure is high for some startups as they do not focus on what problems to solve.

The best way is to solving in a way no one else could or would extend to.


Understand what makes you competent at what you offer?

What is your unique selling point (USP) also plus, does this USP make your product or service fit and more marketable than any other product or service in your same domain?

Aforementioned is what helps you to enhance your Branding furthermore helping your Marketing



Identify your Target market

After you have identified your primary market, your advertising should match that locus. Always Examine your market. Understanding your target audience is critical: Your ads will not work if they do not interest to what your potential consumers want or require. Research and find out as much as possible about the people you want to sell your products to.

This may seem to be simple, but a lot seems to miss on this.


Focus: Must always be Consumer-Oriented

What is Consumer Orientation is exactly?

A group of steps taken by a firm to support its sales and service staff in considering Client needs and their satisfaction their top priorities.
The Business tactics that serve to reflect a customer orientation approach might include: developing a quality product appreciate by consumers; responding promptly and respectfully to consumer complaints and queries; dealing sensitively with neighborhood issues.

So when it comes to our diversity of the population, it is crucial for the working team to exhibit and reflect the requirements of the diversity.

Also, the diversity in marketing approach provides a wider spectrum of the audiences helping startups to understand the audience needs.



This attribute is necessary to be in synchronization with the market

Changes provide advantages and perks which can be harnessed to race ahead while market study can provide concerning matters which can be handled in right time and overcome


Seek Professional Assistance

To motivate and bring the best of others, you must start by driving yourself.

A good team leader is a role model. Especially by characteristics that are demanded from other members of the team i.e. being able to put together a productive team is the most important task team leaders have.

Supporters like Mentors, Consultants like us help in giving the right direction towards the successful journey for a startup.

We help to build the Infrastructure with the qualified lawyers, charted accountants along with vendors with various specializations to establish a startup.


What are your views, do you agree?
Share your views in the comments section below and share which are the Valuable Attributes which must be in the spotlight for Start-Ups!
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37 thoughts on “Valuable Attributes in spotlight for Start Ups!

  1. Great tips Sushmita.
    I had the opportunity of undertaking a short start up business course which taught me the principles of business; the areas one must look at before ploughing money into a business. One can have many ideas which look good on paper but will these ideas convince others to buy your goods or services?

  2. Great advice Sushmita! I remember my biggest concern was whether or not I would have the discipline to work at home without the pressure of external demands that come with working in a corporate environment. Fortunately I was presented with an opportunity to create a satellite office in my home for my company and I fell in love with the working situation almost immediately which led to my going full-time soloprenur within the year.

  3. Off late, every third person I know has a start up idea. But as you rightfully mentioned it is important to have a clear idea and some direction before one actually ventures into it.

  4. Great post! Your tips will definitely be helpful to those thinking of doing a start-up. I’ve never really been interested in start-ups before, but I do know many of my friends who have taken that leap or who are working at a start-up company so I understand its appeal to young graduates.

  5. Thanks or your tips. Yes i agree that India is developing quickly. Great opportunites to the right maket and the right idea.

  6. Awesome advice! I’ve worked at some start ups that really should have read this article! They were not very good at problem identification nor solving said problems…

  7. I know that I really need to identify the target market. But I really need to think about your last point as well. Not necessarily professional, but certainly I need to be willing to take help from someone when it’s offered.

  8. You’ve provided some amazing insight. Rather a person has a startup or they are a seasoned entrepreneur they can gain something from this blog.

  9. Great words of wisdom to share and learn from as I continue to work my window of opportunity. I love learning from others. We don’t always have to reinvent the wheel when there is good solid advice.

  10. Startups tend to fail because of lack of research and underfunding. So many entrepreneurs don’t even have a business plan which would help them understand what is truly needed to compete. Great post!

  11. This is all great advice. I have seen many businesses never thrive due to lack of following these tips. Glad that you are sharing these tips.

  12. Wonderful tips for a business. I think the most important is research. The more knowledge you have, the better it is to plan ahead, and also to modify what needs to be done.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  13. Great post. Maybe the most essential question for anyone contemplating starting a company is if there is a market for what you intend to do? If not, the most fantastic product/service in the world will fail

  14. Excellent post! I think you hit all the main points for a startup. Too many people do not think this through and then wonder why they fail. Missing these steps can be a startup killer.

  15. Some great points for start-ups. All the points you mention make sense. You have to really understand what you have to offer as well as identify who you need to market this to. Without those two things, you don’t have any kind of business plan and will be unlikely to have success.

  16. Good job on the startup information. My brother started a new business a few years ago (at age 52) and did a ton of research before jumping in. He is a doer and I was impressed with the thought he put into making this very big decision. I agree with other commenters that note too many businesses fail because the research wasn’t done. This blog should help.

  17. Amazing tips, Sushmita. Though I’m still a college student, I really want to start my own company someday. I’m so glad you shares these insights with us. And then, market research and surveys are one thing that one shouldn’t miss out. 🙂

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