Valuable Social Media Trends for 2017!

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Social Media the eyes and ears of all the industries?

Right or Wrong?

I believe it is right.




Social media these days is described as the mouthpiece of companies.

Brands use Social media as the source for distribution of information, making announcements or to be connected with their customers.

As per the statistics from the websitecontentfac

Social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing? Or that 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form?

After getting to know this, answer few of my questions.

How well do you use Social Media for your Brand?

In the past year were you aware of the social media trends?

What have you planned for this year?

If you are making your way in the Branding Business or you are a Pro already we all need a guide or reference to look at.


I have found one.

Social Media Trends 2017 Book Cover


It’s by Carmen Lascu from

I love writing and sharing my experiences and hence decided to share what one needs in this age of Social Media Marketing.

I have been a regular reader of her blog which has been nominated for UK Blog Awards as well.

The book ‘Social Media Trends for 2017’ is a to the point guide which can help you take your Social Media to another level.

You may be thinking what is so special about the book when once can easily go and find the info on the internet. Isn’t it?

But tell me one thing my friends, when we can go ahead easily why go ahead with a harder path.

This book packed with predictions from 25 Influencers and Social Media Experts from the UK, USA & Australia some of which Carmen knew from her Twitter account & others which she met on various other platforms which connect journalists, bloggers, and writers with sources worldwide.

All the specialists that have shared their predictions I this lovely eBook have gained many years of experience in social media and digital marketing.

When Albert Einstein said

The only source of knowledge is Experience. 

I connect with it, it’s our experiences who make us wise. So let’s utilize experience shared by influencers.

What say?

Let me share the main three Social Media Trends in the book with you all:

  1. Video and Live Streaming
  2. Virtual and Augmented Reality
  3. Better Customer Service via Social Media

But the book doesn’t just share the trends, it starts with how did social media change in 2016 helping in one taking the hold of the base first and then take off with what can one expect from social media now in 2017.

That easily helps newbies as well as pro-social media marketers with planning their social media strategy.  

That’s because it is all about planning and working on its execution.

Brands work on social media execution because it is not just related to increasing the Brand awareness or connecting with your audience, but like I have always said that social media is the new word of mouth where when your audience share your products or write a review on your page it influences others to check you out.

So, tell me who doesn’t want shares or retweets of their posts?

Remember, social media is all about the relationships building it has never been a platform where it is all only about selling products or services.

Carmen Lascu in her book shares 6 easy steps to create your Social Media Marketing strategy along with tips specific for different platforms which can easily help.


What do you think?
I have shared a Book which I am going to use to optimize my social media strategy? Who doesn’t want to follow the current trends?
How about you?
Share your views in the comment section below.
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38 thoughts on “Valuable Social Media Trends for 2017!

  1. Thank you for recommending this book. Social media has blown up in a way I could never have imagined.

    Entrepreneurs and those wishing to break out onto the scene will find advertising and marketing on social media will heavily impact on their business.

    1. Yes, Phoenicia Social media it seems each day is taking small steps towards its evolution, hence thought of sharing a guide to help in planning and working things out for everyone 🙂

    1. Loved the way you emphasized 😉 on the tight grip dear. Hope you plan it well dear and we are here for you too 🙂

    1. Yes, Jeannette I agree it’s fun to learn from various sources. An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best Interest 🙂

  2. So far, I’ve only really used social medias from a personal aspect rather than a business aspect, but you certainly have a good point that social media is the eyes and ears of industries. I have noticed that live video streams are becoming more and more popular, but for someone who lives in a country with a slow (and sometimes unstable) internet connection, it’s something that’s difficult for me to enjoy.

    1. Yes. definitely in today’s time slow or unstable internet is a issue which once addressed as well as solved will help as well as improve the user usage.

  3. Sounds fascinating Sushmita and there is no question that social media is important to any business efforts to grow. I look forward to learning more. Thanks!

  4. Social media is important to business today. It will be interesting to see how projected trends unfold. I think there is great opportunity to use social media for better customer service. I read a lot about how it is all about building relationships and not just selling, but I still see lots of brands doing only promotion on social media.

    1. Donna, you are right about the connection between the Brands and Customers but when the emotional connect paired with promotions drive the generation of leads and hence it is necessary.

  5. I totally agree that social media is an inevitable part of our lives. It is really amazing that there is a book that summarise the trends for this year. THANK YOU very much for your great work to write this article! Keep up with your great work

    1. Martina, thank you for sharing your views dear appreciate it! It’s good to know you liked the post. I love it too when receive responses for the shared work. Hope you’ll keep visiting!

    1. Yes, coz it’s the audience for whom we are working as well as creating content. So we provide what is demanded

  6. This book sounds perfect for getting the latest information on social media. Social media seems to be the way forward for businesses and for small time bloggers like me too. I certainly hope to learn a lot more about ways to promote my blog and my cookery classes. At the moment, I have only used social media to share my recipes but I would like to be noticed by brands now so it seems that videos could be the answer.

    1. Videos, are definitely in when filled with good content and marketed well. Hope you find the way out or else you can contact me as well to collaborate and work with you on your marketing.

  7. Sounds like a good book. This year I have hardly any time for social media because I’m super busy at university. It’s hence a blessing in disguise that my personal brans is so well built up I can manage it with the left hand.

    1. That’s definitely leveraging the years work of building your Brand. This is the inspiration for others visiting 🙂
      Thank you for sharing

  8. I am a marketing professional myself. I haven’t don’t much social media marketing but the trend definitely seems to go towards being more interactive with customers. So videos and live events are definitely in my number 1 spot too.

  9. Live streaming/video is what I have earmarked as my main goal. Since my blog is a personal blog about living with Multiple Sclerosis this means video/live of me and since I am not a fan of videoing myself, this has been a challenge for me. But it is a hurdle I plan to overcome:)
    Thanks for sharing great info!

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